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    McGizmo UV light

    Looking for some info from anyone who has a McGizmo UV light in regards to it being able to cure Norland optical glue properly. I`m looking to add the Haiku version if it works. Does it work well for this purpose? Info from Norland,
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    UV LED for curing Norland glue

    Can anyone recommend a UV flashlight that will cure Norland glue well? I seen this info posted once before but I could not find it anymore.
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    Surefire led heads on Ebay

    Has anyone tried these led heads for their Surefire? Ebay auction link removed as improper commercialization for the LED forum - Empath Sellers discription and I will update ebay link when he posts a new one for sale. This is a lighthead fitting perfectly well with Surefire® M3 M4 L6 -- The...
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    what's so great about it?

    So I got a leef 3x18650 body with a HO-M6R bulb, 3 fresh 18650 batts. Put it all together with AW's soft start clicky go to turn it on and I a totally unimpressed:(. I think stock m4 with the higher output bulb was brighter than this setup.
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    Leef 18650 bodies for Surefire M4

    Hello, does anyone know what is safe to use in a Surefire M4 Leef body? There is a LeefBody C Tail M Head 2x18650 Battery body, what Surefire or Lumens factory bulbs can be used with this body? And LeefBody C Tail M Head 3x18650 body, what Surefire or Lumens factory bulbs that can work...
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    Surefire M4-CB

    Does anyone know of any rechargeable setups that work in a Surefire M4-CB instead of the stock 4 Cr123a batts? Why are these not recommended for use in Surefire flashlights? Sorry if this has been discussed allready, I could not get the search...