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    Xtar's VC2s is a great little charger.

    Before I found Xtar battery chargers I had gone through various expensive AA-D size NiMh chargers that were cheaply made and provided poor performance. When I needed to charge my first 18650 battery because I got a fancy flashlight I choose an Xtar battery charger for two reasons. Good product...
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    Sofirn's C8A is a flashlight worthy of owning because it is fantastic.

    I own a few nice C8’s made by Lumintop and Nitecore. I thought these C8’s were nice and bright. Then I received a C8A from Sofirn to do a review. The Sofirn C8A turns out to be the brightest single emitter flashlight I own now. One of the things I like about it is that has a good amount of side...
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    Photo review of the Sofirn SP32a flashlight.

    [INDENT] Sofirn provided me the flashlight for review. It is a very well built light for the price. I am still analyzing the included battery and charger so no comment about those yet. The flashlight is very bright and heats up fast on turbo mode. I view this as good heat sinking. The beam is...
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    Nitecore EA41 & Fenix E41

    Not looking to anger anyone or say anything negative about Fenix or Nitecore flashlights. Since it is to my understanding that the emitters in both the Nitecore EA41 & Fenix E41 flashlights rest atop a plastic shelf has anyone had a premature failure with either one of these flashlights? Thanks.
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    Question regarding two eBay sellers: Quality China Goods & Hi-Fi Flashlights.

    Forgive me if this post is in the wrong place. Both of the listed eBay sellers are from China and of course sell flashlights. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with either seller? I am thinking of buying flashlights from them. Thanks.
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    XTAR B20 XM-L U3 1000Lm 5mode multipurpose flashlight

    Just found this light. It has great specifications and it's just $50.00 at some retailers. Does anyone have some thoughts about it? It has a higher turbo output than the Fenix PD35.
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    Why do people dislike L.E.D.'s with a green tint ?

    Ordered an Fenix LD12 S2. Just got it today. L.E.D. tint is green. Does not bother me at all. Why do so many people dislike L.E.D.‘s with a green tint ?
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    Question about older Nichia L.E.D.'s

    I have a few old flashlights that have Nichia L.E.D.'s. I do not use them. But once a year or so I fire them up and the output is dimmer than I remember. Do these older L.E.D.'s degrade over time even when they are not used ?
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    Which brand is better: Lumpower or Thrunite ?

    These two brands seem to me to be on the same par. What are you're thoughts? Which has better quality and reliability ?
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    First LED Flshlight ?

    1) Which flashlight manufacturer first used LED's in their flashlights ? 2) How much did it cost ? 3) Year it was produced ? Thanks all. I was just wondering.
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    A simple review of the Jetbeam BA10 & BA20

    Please consider for submission in the reviews forum. I needed a very bright light when taking out a disabled old dog at night. I purchased a Jetbeam BA10 & BA20 for this task. The BA10 was not quite bright enough. However the BA20 was perfect. Other smaller brighter lights use exotic expensive...
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    Which is a better flashlight the Fenix LD12 R5 or EagelTac D25A

    Was planing on purchasing an Fenix LD12 during this years Black Friday sales events. I am familiar with the Fenix brand. I own a MC11. Good light. I just discovered the EagleTac brand. I understand the basic differences between the LD12 and the D25A. Just want to know about the quality and...