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    Flashlight that meets this criteria

    What I'm looking for in a flashlight: 1. Incandescent 2. Rechargeable 3. Clicky tailcap 4. Compact 5. I prefer longer clips to shorter ones, no clip at all good too 6. Long time runtime with output like 25-50 lumen Something like a E2E with a 17670 and a LF lamp for rechargeables Is there...
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    Surefire E2O Fits 17670?

    There appear to be 2 type of bodies the incan outdoorman came with, one with classic flat sides and then the wider round sides. I have the body with the round sides and I need to know if AW 17670 will fit before I order the battery. Any users please chime in, thanks in advance.
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    A2 body types interchangeable?

    I'm wondering If I have a round body A2, can I just get a 4 flats body to interchange it with the round body to use the same bezel and tailcap? Thanks.
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    Is there a light that shines like the A2's secondary LEDs?

    Hi all. I like the way the A2 shines with its white secondary LEDs. I'm looking for that type of shine. Low intensity, floody wide low mode with no hotspot. Is there any other light to duplicate the A2-WH on low? (Maybe with less blue tint too)
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    Utilitech Model #FT-PM41 65 Lumen Lowe's Flashlight

    Has anyone got one of these? They're $2.98 at Lowe's, Lowe's #0494829, take 3 AAA batteries and has this printed near the LED: "CREE MLE YL". Receipt said 65 Lumens, this light has a perfect beam and throw a bigger beam than a typical TIR lens surefire. Anyone know if they're regulated? It's...
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    Question about the Surefire A2

    What would a NIB A2 be worth today and would the flat bodied cost more or less than the round?
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    Surefire A2 Aviator Incan

    Sorry for my ignorance, is the older incan Surefire A2 Aviator have a clicky or twisty tailcap?
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    Surefire A2 Incan & LFP123A batteries

    Can a surefire A2 incan run on the new rechargeable LFP123A batteries that surefire is selling without causing any damage to the main bulb or the leds? The batteries are 3.2V compared to the 3V SF123A's. I know the incan bulb is regulated so it's safe there, but what about the LEDs?

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