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    Storacell slimline battery holders

    I like these military grade battery holders. They are good for storing batteries in your car or camping bag without them rattling around.
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    ITP A1 EOS Stainless Steel

    My original A1 EOS SS with old school XP-G. It has held up very well hanging on my heavy work truck keychain. Still a very usable light.
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    Nyogel 760G

    I ordered some Nyogel 760G and am kind of disappointed. It is very thick like grease and makes it harder to screw the tail cap on. It also doesn't have the slight alcohol smell like whatever SureFire uses.
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    I got a few of the surefire p60 clones off of AliExpress and they are very nice for the money. I know the p60 craze is over but it is still my favorite platform.
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    Lumens Factory XP-L vs 319A vs 319B

    I am looking for a 3-4.2v single cell bulb for my 3p clone. Would a 700/800 lumen 319a/b be more efficent than a 550 lumen XP-L in 30% mode? I would only use 100% for short burst.
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    boring a 6p

    Does anyone still offer services to bore a SF 6p for 18650's?
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    Fulton 991 D battery sleeve

    I one of my old Fulton 991 lights came with a clear plastic sleeve and stops the 2 D cells from rattling. I know i could use some paper or tape but is there somewhere I can buy these D cell anti rattle sleeves?
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    Low temp CREE p60 dropin

    Is there a CREE led that is inherently lower temp? I have a cheap knock off surefire G2 with the nitrolon bezel that I would like to drop in an LED p60 module. I have an old solarforce XP-G 290 lumen drop in that I could use on high for short burst and medium and low for every day stuff or...
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    who has L2P extension

    I ordered a SolarForce L2P from LightHound with and the extension is an older shiny one while the L2P is matte or flat black. I have heard the new extensions match the L2P and was wondering who has them?
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    drop-in for Solarforce L2 w/ extension

    I am getting a Solarforce L2P with the longer extension so it will take either 4x 123 or 2x 18650. I don't know if I should run 4x 123 at 12-18v for the brightest or 2x 18650 for the longest run time.I'll probably get two different bulbs for the best of both. Right now I have a Solar Force...
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    surefire 9p

    I tried searching but the search term is to common and short to go threw. I am thinking about buying one of these and upgrading it to LED and possibly rechargeable batteries and wondering what my options would be. Does 3 cell's increase the voltage or the run time considerably?
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    SureFire G2Z w/ P60 bulb need upgrade

    My friend gave me an old SF g2z with two 123 batteries and P60 65 lumen incandescent bulb. I see on there website they offer a P61 with 120 lumens or P90/P91 120/200 lumen bulbs if I want to upgrade to 9v bulbs. I was wondering what my best options are for upgrading the output . The factory LED...

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