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    Sold/Expired Olight S1A in NW

    Looking for an Olight S1A in Neutral White only. Any condition as long as it is working. Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired Black 2 way pocket clip for a Mini MK2 Turbo

    Looking for the pocket clip that came with the Mini MK2 Turbo.
  3. SNES

    Sold/Expired WTB 4Sevens Quark AA Body

    Looking for a 1st Gen 4Sevens AA Quark body in good shape. thanks!
  4. SNES

    Olight I3T EOS boot removal

    Can anyone with an I3T EOS tell me if its possible to remove the rubber boot? Thanks!
  5. SNES

    Maratac TPF + Neodymium magnet

    I've always wished this Maratac TPF had a warmer tint, and a magnetic base. There are a couple pictures floating around of a brass Maratac TPF with a brass Lumintop magnetic base swapped in. I didn't want to go that route and have a mismatched look, so I just picked up a strong Neodymium...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Raw Brass Olight S1

    Looking for a raw brass Olight S1 NW in decent condition if anyone has one they are willing to part with. Thanks!

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