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    Looking for a 6v ~2a driver

    Hey all, I've tried searching and checking out the KD/DX sites and haven't really found anything. I'm looking for a driver that I can use 2 cr123a primaries on and have 1.4-2a. I'd prefer 1-3 modes. I know you can run the 7135 drivers on 6v but they are just so inefficient at 6v. Any help is...
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    how to fit a triple in an 18mm spot?

    Anybody have any ideas as to fit a triple xpg w/ optic in a 18mm spot? I tried trimming down a 20mm illumination supply parallel board to fit but ended up exposing a lead and grounding out the positive. Anybody know if a 3up board has leads on the edge too? Or would I be able to fit 3 8mm...
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    drivers/amps for 3 xpg series?

    Hey all. What drivers/amperage are people using for 3x xpg in series (from illumination supply)? Thanks
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    who makes 18650x2 body in surefire c?

    Looking for a 18650x2 body that is in surefire c threads so I can do a c to m adapter for a project I've got. What are the solar force sizes? Does fivemega make any more c series bodies? Thanks in advance
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    Duracoated Mag-pics

    Hey all just got a mag dura-coated and I really like how it turned out. I'll definitely have some more done, maybe with 1 bright color to make it pop a little more. Crappy pics since it was night time and the flash was making it hard, maybe I'll get better ones today. This is a spider web...
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    Need help choosing a color/pattern for a mag

    Hey guys, I have a buddy who has been doing some dura-coat on guns for some time now that is going to shoot a maglite or two for me. I can't decide what I want :ohgeez: Help me pick color/pattern pattern please! His website is below and there are some good pics of things he has done. As...
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    nitecore extreme problem...keep?

    I got lucky with the 4sevens garage sale and got a couple of lights one of them being a nitecore extreme. Upon arrival it worked in high and low. After about 2mins of playing with it now it will only work on high. In low mode it drops just enough to tell something happened but probably only...
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    Where to get small mill work done?

    I'm looking to get a handful of stuff some trit slots, anybody know of someplace I can send it too? Thanks in advance.
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    Sold/Expired 10 Mag heat sinks D cell

    I had a machinist friend make me some heat sinks so I could make some xmas presents...and he made more than I can use. I have 10 extra. I have only used Q5's and R2's on them and think the pedestal is probably too high for a p7 or mce although I haven't tried yet. Actual pics link...

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