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    I am now hooked on foursevens

    The 2x cr123 head is 3-9v compared to 0.9-4.2V like the others. You could use a 2x123 head on a 2xAA body and run two 14500's or other combos with extensions.
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    Storacell slimline battery holders

    I like these military grade battery holders. They are good for storing batteries in your car or camping bag without them rattling around.
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    I am now hooked on foursevens

    I read they don't warranty when used with alkaline batteries because they leak and gas off but I guess lithiums should be fine. The lithiums will also put out 1.5v instead of 1.3v like the rechargeable ones. I wish they could take 3.6v 14500's. The 16650 would fill my edc needs but I needed...
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    I am now hooked on foursevens

    I was eyeballing the titanium blue one and when you said it had a nice warm light I decided to get one. Not bad for a AA backup light.
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    would you trust a 18650 battery flashlight to be dependable for if the stuff hits the fan?

    Amazon has a 300 pack of AA for $0.20 each. My SHTF light is a kerosene lantern.
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    would you trust a 18650 battery flashlight to be dependable for if the stuff hits the fan?

    One 18650 last longer than two CR123's so why not as long as they are kept charged up. They will loose charge slowly over time so it is good to have a few CR123's laying around but I have 10 year old 18650's that still take a charge. If you have a way to charge them in a grid down scenario like...
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    ITP A1 EOS Stainless Steel

    My original A1 EOS SS with old school XP-G. It has held up very well hanging on my heavy work truck keychain. Still a very usable light.
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    It is their Surefire P6 clone. The E6S has a grip ring for cigar style hold. I got mine directly from the Kadomain website.
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    Nyogel 760G

    I read that page too. Its doesn't feel gritty or anything. Its smooth but just seems stiffer.
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Those are different flashlight and battery combos you can add with the bulb as a package deal.
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    Nyogel 760G

    I used it very sparingly. In fact it is so thick it barely comes out of the small pin hole on the tube. It is so thick it feels like it drags when screwing on the head or tail cap. I was expecting something more like like die electric or silicone grease. A surefire rep said they use Nyogel but...
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    Nyogel 760G

    I ordered some Nyogel 760G and am kind of disappointed. It is very thick like grease and makes it harder to screw the tail cap on. It also doesn't have the slight alcohol smell like whatever SureFire uses.
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    I just hated to see SolarForce go out of business and the original SureFire 6p is discontinued. The MantaRay M6 is not a 1:1 clone. Before these 6p clones showed up on AliExpress it was basically just the cheap Ultrafires on amazon and the KDLikter E6 which is pretty nice. They are still making...
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Go to the "Susies outdoor flashlight store" page and you will see the 6p body. You have to buy the tail cap and bezel seperatly. The 3p is sold whole or in parts. The 6p is about $35 complete and they do sell a 1 cell extension to make it a 9p. The head does not include the glass and bezel...

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