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  1. Buck91

    Recommended light for EDC in pocket / belt clip

    USA made single AA limits you significantly. Peak and Malkoff are the only two I know of. Both great. The Malkoff MDC AA is an exceptional light but triple tap for high mode. I have the streamlight 1L-AA as well as the 90 degree version. While imported they are wonderful lights. Low mode...
  2. Buck91

    Recommend me a Red LED flashlight for stargazing

    I have both the C01R and the C01 Special. Both very nice budget keychain lights. The R with the SST-20 has a slightly deeper red color if that matters to you (I'm not convinced it helps at all) while the Special appears to have a fully potted head like the other C01 5mm versions.
  3. Buck91


    Wuben E6 is very pocketable, ALMOST keychain sized...
  4. Buck91

    Seeking recommendations for a small flashlight with decent throw

    Why do small for address finding? I used to use a 3D mag and then an incan G2. Both worked amazingly well. These days I keep something larger in the car but if I wanted compact I’d look at my surefire G2X without hesitation. Pro is two mode low-high and LE is high-low if you can find one I...
  5. Buck91

    Need a new single-AA twist flashlight

    I’d look at the L10 as mentioned earlier. If you don’t mind a tail clicky I’m pretty happy with the three Jaxman e3 flashlights I have. While peak makes great stuff, I never bought their AA. The action of the qtc on my eiger just never impressed me.
  6. Buck91

    2 new duty light recommendations

    What are your thoughts on UI for these lights? Sounds like Light 1 needs to be simple. Surefire G2X/6Px type. Maybe elzetta or streamlight or malkoff if you want 18650 rechargeables. Light 2 is a lot more wide open. I’ll be curious to see what’s recommended here.
  7. Buck91

    Flashlight for urbex/cave etc.

    As I’ve started to appreciate mildly floody lights more I have noticed something interesting. While something like a Sofirn If25a has the raw output to light up a large area and throw decently, due to the beam shape the overly bright foreground will result is overly reduced throw in confined...
  8. Buck91

    Rugged 1x unprotected 18650 light?

    What about a convoy s2+? LVP so safe with unprotected, fairly durable but cheap enough that replacement isn’t a big deal. If you need more durability you could swap to a borofloat or acrylic lens and pot the pill.
  9. Buck91

    Emergency Vehicle Light

    Fenix would be great, I like 2aa for emergency lights as they can be stored with L91 lithium’s but still use common AA batteries of you need to pick that up at Bubba’s gas n go. There are tons of options to check out though. For 2AA check out fenix, nitecore and four sevens. Also the “lowly”...
  10. Buck91

    Good CRI Thrower usable with rifle scope

    50-100 yards isn’t what I consider a thrower unless you just want a narrow beam profile? Might hinder peripheral vision though. Anyways I just potted a convoy c8+ xpl hi for basically the same purpose and it turned out great. Probably should replace the large glass lens with something less...
  11. Buck91

    2 CR123/2 or 4 AA Light with hi vis body

    I just wrapped hi viz paracord around my 5.11 XBT A6. Wanted something about the size of a maglite 3D that would run off AA L91s but also wanted it to be easy to find. This was perfect. Rides in the door pocket of my truck and has held up perfectly for a couple years now.
  12. Buck91

    14500/AA EDC flashlight with fire-fly/moon-light to 400+ lumens, forward clicky, clip

    Based on my use with the d25c ti I would say the d25a or d3a would be a possible choice. Just be aware that low/moon is quite bright on li ion.
  13. Buck91

    most compact 18650 light with remote tail cap/ pressure switch

    For WML the popular opinion is to stick with surefire, streamlight or a very select few others still. Inforce has become fairly popular, they have a 1 and 2 cr123 option but I’m unsure if they work with li ion cells. I’m still running surefire 6P with malkoff on my setups. Can’t really beat...
  14. Buck91

    Another helmet light thread

    I gotta find some runtimegraphs of the zebralight. I know my sc64w would be pretty damn good but it gets real warm on high.
  15. Buck91

    Another helmet light thread

    Looking to replace my old, old 1AA setup on my bicycle helmet. Weight is definitely a priority as I do mount this on top of my helmet using a velcro block and anything too heavy causes a lot of helmet "sway." Basically I'm looking for something slightly throwy with a couple hundred lumens...
  16. Buck91

    Helmet mounted light

    Not really familiar with that type of helmet application but doesnt streamlight make a couple helmet mounted lights designed for various helmets? My other thought would be something like an LRI Photon (I, II, Freedom) with some velcro tape.
  17. Buck91

    Backup/Bug Out/SHTF Light

    Sort of. A lot of single AA lights will be functional if not slightly less reliable. Not all though. I can confirm the Gerber IU does work with aa and aaa. Will have to try some others, although most of my single aa lights are out away in emergency kits right now.
  18. Buck91

    Backup/Bug Out/SHTF Light

    I also like AA for a BOB, despite its lower capacity cells are easier to source and recharges are quicker and safer. Mine has a four sevens quark mkii with the 1xAA and 2xAA tubes. As well as a thrunite th20 headlamp. That said, I don’t think you will love what’s out there for AA. 18650 and...
  19. Buck91

    Looking for a light that probably doesn't exist

    Dude, did you by pelican stock today or something?? This is at least the 4th time I’ve seen you post about it today.

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