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  1. BladeDogg

    UV light and Watch Illumination??

    The 2 just go together like bread and butter? What makes it work?
  2. BladeDogg

    Halloween treats?

    The lightstick idea ROCKS! Surprisingly they love packets of hot chocolate over candy too!
  3. BladeDogg

    looking for a WARM light weight jacket

    I have to repeat the TAD GEAR Stealth Hoodie. Winner design, winner ergos, light pack (in relation to others of that caliber), lots of pockets, great for layering, good lookin', warm, great for light/medium rain, wind and breathable all at the same time. I have the GEN 1 and it just rocks. I...
  4. BladeDogg

    A kind and gentle thought for Anne Pressly.

    It is hard to hear these things. RIP Anne...
  5. BladeDogg

    ARC AA Help!

    Well guess what! It worked! :twothumbs: I took a paper towel and shot it with alcohol. Stuck it in the tube and turned it round and round. Got a Qtip and did the same with the head connection. Put a new battery in and VIOLA! :grin2: AND THEN THERE IS LIGHT!:cool: Thank you all! :thanks:
  6. BladeDogg

    ARC AA Help!

    Going to try it right now! Will let you all know! :thumbsup:
  7. BladeDogg

    ARC AA Help!

    First of all, I hope it is not the board cracking.:faint: Second, I will try the cleaning the contacts with a eraser and alcohol. THANKS! :thumbsup:
  8. BladeDogg

    ARC AA Help!

    My Arc AA died. Here is the story. Brought it to NYC (from Hawaii). Didn't really use it on the trip (it was one of my many extras just in case :) ) I got back from the trip and the head wouldn't turn (it was in my suitcase). I had to use a pliers to remove the head. It kinda popped a...
  9. BladeDogg

    need advice on a new knife

    Get a CQC 7 Tanto, serrated, black T coating. Out of your price range but then again it fits your description to a T. I personally like tantos too. Good for scraping, piercing, and prying (if you really need to with a knife, not the best tool for prying mind you). You can also try the...
  10. BladeDogg

    Sharpening serrated blades.

    Sharpmaker and follow the directions.
  11. BladeDogg

    State police asked Walmart to...

    Somebody HIGHER up told them to stop selling it due to a PR thing. NOT a "dangerous" thing. If police officers are coming in and saying don't do it I am sure a manager caught wind of it, called corporate and corporate said, pull them until futher notice. Like some said, many crimes are done...
  12. BladeDogg

    Sold/Expired WTB RPM custom tailcap (SW01-ish)

  13. BladeDogg

    Sold/Expired WTB RPM custom tailcap (SW01-ish)

    MUCH appreciated. This lego stuff is hard work! :shrug: :naughty: :twothumbs
  14. BladeDogg

    Sold/Expired WTB RPM custom tailcap (SW01-ish)

    Are you saying that this one WON'T perform with the stock M4 body? ACK! Maybe I better rethink this. And yes, that is the one. BEAUTIFUL!:twothumbs
  15. BladeDogg

    Sold/Expired WTB RPM custom tailcap (SW01-ish)

    I am looking for one that will fit the M4, looks like the SW01 fatty, and is in HA natural. Anyone have one sitting around? Email me at [email protected] :twothumbs THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  16. BladeDogg

    Polished ARC LS arrived...

    Glad you found the info and got the light! How do you like it?
  17. BladeDogg

    Lost my ARC 4+...DAMN!

    :sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh: :mecry:Still missing...DAMN...
  18. BladeDogg

    Lost my ARC 4+...DAMN!

    The form is flawless in my eyes. That is why I miss it a lot. The newer ones just don't "do it" for me if you all know what I mean...:twothumbs
  19. BladeDogg

    Lost my ARC 4+...DAMN!

    Thanks you 2. I seem to hope that it shows up but then again I think it is lost for sure. :sigh: PM inbound Carpe Diem. I appreciate your offer.:twothumbs
  20. BladeDogg

    Lost my ARC 4+...DAMN!

    I am so so so so so so sick. I have no idea where it went. Might have slipped outta my loose cargo shorts. DAMN YOU new loose cargo shorts from Costco! :scowl: Has been one of my EDC's for a while now...darn. Don't ya hate when you lose something you really like?:mad: If anyone has any...

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