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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    I asked this question yesterday and the response was “yes, you can send in your mini for repair when we have the part”
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    Can we talk about alcoholic beverages?

    I picked up the brass one! What led did you go with?
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    Looks like they can't catch a break: Hey all, I'm really sorry, frustrated, and frankly embarrassed to be writing this email. Everyone on this list has a Mini MKIII pre-order that has already shipped. However, I discovered Monday that there is another issue with the replacement parts we...
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

  5. SNES

    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    Looks like titanium versions are now shipping. Just got my tracking number.
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    Beta QRV2 horrible twist action.

    I’ve had a few copper betas and the most recent one required the most force to twist. I replaced the o-ring with an extra from a maratac aaa and it’s way better. I think they switched the o-ring somewhere along the way and it’s a bit too big. Just a guess.
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    Sold/Expired Late Spring Sale *New Prices 04/06/21*

    Re: Late Spring Sale i’ll take the h2r!
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    Sold/Expired Olight S1A in NW

    Thanks. They did make a NW version.
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    Sold/Expired Olight S1A in NW

    Looking for an Olight S1A in Neutral White only. Any condition as long as it is working. Thanks!
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    The 4Sevens and Foursevens Picture and Random Question Thread?

    The new clips are definitely an upgrade.
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    Sold/Expired Olight warrior X, HDS, Foursevens *All Sold*

    Re: Olight warrior X, HDS, Foursevens i'll take the mini!
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    Dark Sucks: Research Poll- what do you want to see?

    Any idea when Quark clips will be available?
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    Photos of your lights

    Just got my Foursevens Atom AL back! It now has an XPL HI 5000K in it.
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    4Sevens Atoms Family Review

    I'm not suggesting they are perfect, just posting my experience. I'll post a pic when I get it back. I've been using the 4Sevens CR123.
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    4Sevens Atoms Family Review

    I've had an AL for a couple years now that has never had any issues. I actually just sent it to Vinh to get an XPL HI put in it. Great little light.

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