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  1. bxstylez

    recently acquired SF Kroma milspec

    I know ... flashlight is a little outdated I'm looking to upgrade the head and rings ... any modders with suggestions /quote /pricing? probably leave body stock and power it up with 16650 rechargable cell NW tint ... with 3-4A current draw on high?
  2. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired Triple MC-E Mag2C (black) -- [$100 shipped conUS]

    - Honed for 2x IMR 26500 fitment purchased from This is a rugged unregulated torch with only one TURBO/high mode. major dings, pictured as shown. minor dings here and there as light was lightly dropped a couple of times. $100usd shipped...
  3. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired FS: $F M2 head, 2x C-cell Body, Clickie-Tail w/ 3x AW C-cell rechargeables

    body and tailcap/switch by fivemega: you'll need to provide your own lamp assemblies for the $F M2 bezel ie: FM-D26, G4-D26, LF-D26, original SF's P90/P91, Malkoff P60 drop-in's, Oveready P60 drop-in's, etc... $120... $100usd...
  4. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: FM 3x17670 battery holders (1x 3.7V, 2x 11.1V) ***SOLD

    black 3x17670 (3.7V) battery holder ....... $40usd shipped conUS ..use it with AW's black protected 17670 cells @1600maH (1.6Ah each) for total capacity of 4.8Ah (4800maH) white 3x17670 (11.1V) battery holder w/ NO charging port ....... $50usd shipped conUS white 3x17670 (11.1V) battery...
  5. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: MC-E P60 direct-drive (3.7v) drop-in (very warm LED w/ 3 levels) ***SOLD

    very little runtime on it... probably less than 10 minutes overall usage this is a direct-drive, single-cell (3.7v) P60-style 'nailbender' drop-in very warm LED (yellowish, incandescent tint) ... JE6? *** SOLD *** $60usd shipped conUS *** SOLD *** paypal to: abz117 [at] yahoo (d0t) com...
  6. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: user Mag85 w/ 3" turbo head <PIC HEAVY!> ***SOLD

    for size comparison next to a Mag2C-HA tri-bored for included 3x 17670 battery holder size comparison again... with stock "grooved" head dual-function aluminum reflector ... for cammed/camless function extra WA1185 bi-pin bulb wrapped...
  7. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: MagP7-HAIII [HOST +battery adapter & batteries] ***SOLD

    this light was hardly used ... probably less than 5 minutes same condition as received when i bought it used last year Specs: FM HAIII Gray quad-bored/finned/cross-grooved body UCL lens from Seoul P7 CSWOI from PhotonFanatic DHS HAIII heatsink from H22A 8xAMC7135 linear...
  8. bxstylez

    bore my SF-M3 so it can accept IMR-18500 cells

    is it possible? if so, how much for labor and shipping? something reasonable please :grin2: .
  9. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired MOVED: Mag-P7-HAIII ***MOVED TO CPFmp (MarketPlace)

    this light was hardly used ... probably less than 1 minute its been collecting dust ever since i got it Specs: FM HAIII Gray quad-bored/finned/cross-grooved body w/ 2p4s battery holder (4.8v). Externally rechargeable 8 Eneloops with only 5 cycles. UCL lens from Seoul P7...
  10. bxstylez

    mod request: swap LuxV from KL4 with MC-E 5A

    i'm waiting for my "other" KL4 i ordered over the marketplace from last week and waiting for the MC-E 5A led emitter i just ordered today it'll be direct-driven by AW's IMR-16340, in a one cell host (i'll sometimes swap the body for longer runtime in a E2e body with AW's 17670 cell) any...
  11. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired MOVED: Mag85 - NiMh edition (turnkey package) w/ charger, 1000+ lumens! ***MOVED

    beamshots... beamshots are similiar, if not, the same as ... [Comparisons & Shootouts - Indoor] compare my Mag85 to the Borealis (Model Three) -[$260] light and see...
  12. bxstylez

    instaflashed my FM1794's using 2x Emoli IMR-18650's in FM 2x18650 body

    :sigh: ... guess i gotta stick to AW 18650's perhaps the flashing point of the FM1794's are 7.2V and above? i already blew 2 bulbs in a row :sick2: .
  13. bxstylez

    current draw for LF HO-12?

    i recently acquired a WE M90 from RichS that came with the LF EO-9L and LF HO-12, as well as the LED tailcap for looooooong runtimes and lower light output its lighting up the EO-9L at full power using the special high drain Emoli IMR-18650's...... love the output in a slim package i have...
  14. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: RPM SF M3 Titanium Bezel (41.2mm, short, crenelated) ***SOLD

    RPM SF M3 Titanium Bezel (41.2mm, short, crenelated) - new, never used - comes with unlocking tool asking $80usd shipped conUS ***SOLD i'm heading to the post office in about 10 minutes so if paypal payment is received by then, it'll ship today and hopefully arrive to you by this monday...
  15. bxstylez

    instaflashed my 5761's with 2x Emoli IMR-18650's

    i just went through 3 bulbs, and came to a conclusion that i cant afford anymore i let the cells rest for an hr or so when fully charged, and a couple of hrs rest for the other time i tried to "light the way" i guess i'm going to stick with the osram 64275's (very, very white!) until i get...
  16. bxstylez

    SF M6 - will 2x emoli A123 18650's underdrive a MN21?

    i finally got a M6 and am powering the MN20 bulb with 2x 18650's i absolutely LOVE the beam and would like to see the power of the MN21 since AW 18650's cant power a MN21 because it draws ~5A and AW 18650's are good for up to 4A will 2x emoli A123 18650's underdrive the bulb..... since...
  17. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: super Mag85 host w/ KIU's stainless steel VX bezel (RARE) ***SOLD

    Mag4D cut down and re-threaded to fit 3x AW C-cells - head finned/grooved - body finned - custom pvc tube to hold (and prevent rattling of) AW C-cells - custom spring in tailcap (to prevent scraping the bottom of the rechargeable li-ion cell) - custom MagRing2 (designed by CPF member, download)...
  18. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired WTB: FM 9AA->3D battery adapter

    WTB: FM 9AA->3D battery adapter .
  19. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired MOVED to CPFmp: Mac's 1000 Lumen Mag (black host, finned/grooved head &body)

    this posting is now moved over to CPF Marketplace pls post your interest over there as this thread will not longer be monitored as ordered from: turned it on/off a couple of times for no more than a few seconds been a shelf...
  20. bxstylez

    Sold/Expired SOLD: milkyspit's, "The Burro!" [original KL3 aggressive finned-head] ***SOLD

    SOLD: milkyspit's, "The Burro!" [original KL3 aggressive finned-head] ***SOLD *** SOLD to The Coach *** milkyspit modified KL3 head 4x Cree XRE-Q4 AcornDx 1.0 (v7.11.30.01) ... Max Output 572 Lumens Runs on 2x 17500 Rechargeables or 3x 123 Primaries original KL3 finned-head, bought...

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