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    I had the occasion to take a 4 mile hike on a local nature trail in the middle of the night to search for a lost dog. I had my Sam's HID and my partner was carrying my MAG35W mod converted to 6D and another off the shelf "2 million candlepower" $12 lantern. The HID woke and attracted hornets...
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    Shelf Life?

    I have noticed that alkaline batteries have a significantly reduced shelf life if the seal is broken. That is, if they are discharged a little and stored. Has anyone noticed a similar issue with lithium batteries? Some advertise a 20 year shelf life! It would seem to be a good idea to keep a...
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    Mag35W for dummies

    I have been lurking for a while and decided to build my first "hotwire mod". I chose the Mag35W because it seemed to be a nice balance between performance and stability. I approached the project completely green but with extensive experience in metal fabrication. The biggest trouble was...

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