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    Bicycle NiteRider TriNewt bike headlamp?

    oops. Ovlovder, I wasn't "posing" as an employee. I am a somewhat nosy bike shop employee. I have had similar experiences to Ovlovder's in regards to Niterider products. In the last 4 years, I have seen exactly 2 problems. Both of which were resolved within 2 weeks. We sell 25-30 of their...
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    Bicycle NiteRider TriNewt bike headlamp?

    Sorry Darrell, I have to disagree. I just called them up and asked. Their sales dept said they were Seoul LEDs. (Of course it might help when I told them I worked in a bike store).
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    Twice the Run Time and Brighter… B90 Upgrade

    My 2 cents: The initial charge tops out ~72 minutes. That's still 22 minutes above stock. If I get to the battery, I can reset the charger and get another 23 minutes. Sooo, if I'm lazy, I get a 44% increase. If I spend 30 seconds to reset the charger, I'll get 90% increase over stock. More...
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    Twice the Run Time and Brighter… B90 Upgrade

    Have you checked to see if it will work in an 8X? The inside diameter of my 8X is 24.0 mm. If it fits, I'll be in for 1.
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    Panasonic rechargeable battery charger $24 Costco

    Re: Panasonic rechargeable battery charger $24 Cos Not as far as I can tell. The display shows no activity. If I take them out of the charger 12 hours later they are room temperature. Not hot/warm.
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    Panasonic rechargeable battery charger $24 Costco

    Re: Panasonic rechargeable battery charger $24 Cos The Costco pack I purchased has 8 2300 mAh AA batteries, and 2 780mAh batteries. At that price, use the Panasonic charger as a back up, and purchase the FS. I doubt it will be as good as the FS. The operating inststructions do not...
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    CAMBRIA UPDATEas of 09/10

    Re: Cambria 9/24 or.... If you are interested in a good dinner spot, try the Sow's Ear. Sow's Ear Good food. I can still taste the bread. This was the best dinner we had the 3 days we were up there.
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    shipped a flashlight to Streamlight? **UPDATE**

    Re: Have you shipped a flashlight to Streamlight? About a 18 months ago, I sent back a Stinger XT because the head wasn't tightly mated to the body and rattled slightly. They replaced the head. The process took 2-3 weeks.
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    Stinger Batteries

    Sorry, I should have provided more details. I used a 6 cell Sanyo nicad 7.2 Volt RC car pack. Similar to this Separate the pack into 2 sticks and you have 2 sets of 3 cell sub-C batteries. I sanded the spot welds smooth. I use an old Surefire overnight charger C300 that came with my 8X...
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    Stinger Batteries

    A non modified 3 cell battery pack works just fine in a Stinger XT. I charge the packs in a Surefire charger.
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    Any experience with an LED vest

    I was posed a question as to the effectiveness of an LED vest such as this: Vest Example Does anyone have experience with this product? Thanks
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    Conjecture on what kind of LED is being used?

    This is a snip from an email list describing a new bike light. The cateye light described is not on their web site. Any ideas on what cateye is using? Improved bike lights were visible all around the show. But the most interesting one we found won't actually be on the market till the spring...
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    Cell structure of a Streamlight Stinger

    Ryan, Stinger batteries are 3 sub-C cells. IIRC, Super Stingers use 5 sub-C cells. HTH T P.S. linky no worky.
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    Photovoltaic Array coming soon!

    Darell, When the install is completed, it would be interesting to have you summarize some of the problems that you had. (Darn long time getting the installation going). It only took 2 months to get the wife to buy into the idea of a PV array.
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    What is the brightest H4 headlight bulb?

    55/60 55/100 80/100 90/130 100/150 Never actually seen one.
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    Capacity of 1/2AA NiMH's?

    Re: Capacity of 1/2AA NiMH\'s? 6 months ago, I was looking to make some cordless phone batteries out of 1/2 AAs. At that time 600mah was the best I could find. I stumbled upon the correct battery packs at Fry's, for $6/pack. (At $6/pack, it wasn't worth looking for loose cells.) Shankus...
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    MAHA PowerEX 2200mAh NiMH AA Rechargeables.

    [ QUOTE ] Alan said: I don't know how good MAHA 2200ma would be comparing with Sanyo 2100ma. It's a little less than $10 for 4 pack Sanyo MiMH AA 2100ma in Hong Kong. Alan [/ QUOTE ] Alan, Is that USD or HKD?
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    FasTrak (automatic toll collection) = Big Brother?

    Re: FasTrak (automatic toll collection) = Big Brot If you don't want Big Brother to record your presence, remove the transponder from the windshield when it's not required for the toll gantries. My transponder is not permanently mounted since I use 2 vehicles. I have left the transponder in...
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    Nokia 3390 1200mah Ext-run time battery 3.99

    I have an aftermarket Lithium Ion 1250 mah battery for my 3390. The difference in battery life was quite noticeable. It was on standby for 7+ days when it was new and, my residence is in an area with a weak signal. This testing was performed 18+ months ago. I haven't tested the battery since...
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    Cat advice???

    This is advice directly from the vet (wife). "Treat it like you just got a new cat" Vet check up (age, gender) shots as needed. Spay/neuter the cat. Investigate alternatives to declaw. We've used soft paws to good effect. Use declaw as a last resort. ___________ Peter, Pete needs to lose...

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