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  1. Buck91

    Which AA LED lights currently owned are your favorites?

    Probably my Ultratac A3 modded with 4000k 519a. Great light and pretty bright on a 14500. For non-production lights I have a FM 18500 body running an omnivore drop in but the driver is only alright (convoy 12 mode). Would like a driver that can fully utilize the li-ion cells while also being...
  2. Buck91

    Reliable flashlight brands

    I carried a Fenix L0D on my keys for years and it held up like a champ. More than once those keys were thrown dozens of yards across the garage. Now I carry a thrunite ti3 which has held up just as well. Jaxman E3 has a pretty robust build. I like the Ultratac a1 as it’s very light and well...
  3. Buck91

    Incan Surefire 6P worth keeping or modding or just parting out?

    Measured my M3 at 20.75mm on the narrow section which would leave a wall thickness of 1.125mm. Seems too thin to me 🤷‍♂️ My C2/C3 bodies are even worse across the flats. Only failures people see is at the tailcap threads? I’d love to run mn10/mn11 off two 18650 but I don’t want to snap the...
  4. Buck91

    MN7225 bulb fit

  5. Buck91

    Surefire 3P upgrade

    How does the M61 do with a single cr123 primary?
  6. Buck91

    Worse flashlight feature by far

    either next mode memory…. Or having a separate side switch for modes and tail switch for power.
  7. Buck91

    Surefire sc1 o-ring

    Well, if it helps anybody else I have found both #88 and #89 plumbing o-rings to fit well with a slightly better fit from the #88.
  8. Buck91

    Most carried light, only 1.

    Most pocket time would be the n219 sw35 modded thrunite ti3 on my keys. But I believe the spirit of the question might be more what gets the most use which is, by far, my armytek wizard nichia
  9. Buck91

    Surefire sc1 o-ring

    Does anybody know where to find a replacement o ring for the SC-1 spares carrier? I’m guessing like most things flashlight it’s not a standard plumbing size found in the hardware store.
  10. Buck91

    Charger for an 18650

    I’m using a PB2 (the 18650 only model) as a travel charger and backup power bank. Fantastic little unit.
  11. Buck91

    Comprehensive Grease and Lube Thread

    What is the choice version of krytox to use on ti threads? Just the plain pfpe GPL205? Or the thicker 206 or 207 versions?
  12. Buck91

    18500 lights?

    I've been very tempted to slap 2s incan together, actually. In this case, though, I am looking for a single cell setup.
  13. Buck91

    18500 lights?

    Is there any 18500 lights made these days? I love the idea of almost as much capacity as an 18650 but still the option to run AA/L91/NiMH if needed. Wish list would include high CRI and a no memory or strobes but I can't think of anything that even runs 18500/AA right now. Maybe the Peak...
  14. Buck91

    Lumens Factory D26

    Excellent endorsement, thank you!
  15. Buck91

    Lumens Factory D26

    The lumens factory website
  16. Buck91

    Lumens Factory D26

    Has anybody put these through the ringer? LF markets them are durable, duty and WML rated assemblies but it seems pretty light so I don’t it’a potted. Maybe? Anyways, I have the 4000k n319a 80cri and overall am really happy with it just curious if it can be counted on in critical applications.
  17. Buck91

    Recommend a waterproof capsule that holds two cr123’s?

    I use the match case for this. The rattle can be taken up with a bit of foam or index cards rolled around the batteries. Very cheap and effective. If you want something nicer, the Surefire carries are top notch, of course, but they are best for backpacks and such.
  18. Buck91

    What is a truly robust survival flashlight

    How about a Photon II microlight? Not as impressive as many of the other lights mentioned here but back in the day its all I carried. For years. The damn thing just always worked and it got me through. Waterproof? Nope. Didn't matter, I took it biking in downpours, canoeing, you name it it...
  19. Buck91

    Surefire 9P Upgrade Ideas

    I'm currently running a M91BN in my C3HA and its fantastic with 2x17500 cells. Alternatively, the M31W nearly matches the original P91 output for simulated vintage with modern tech and the benefit of running off 2xAA cells. Probably don't have to say this but if you go M31 route I'd keep to...

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