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    forun Down for Several Days?

    Several people use the forum as the center and maybe only outlet for their business. When it goes down it must shut them off 100%. I wonder why a troblemaker like TooManyGizzmos wasn't just Banned. If he drives the admin. crazy with requests and complaints who needs him? Why shut down this...
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    Mag C & D Tailcap Spring - Resistance?

    ''' A lot of guys add wire or copper braid as a resistance fix to the tailcap springs of Maglights on high output incans. Looking at these springs the wire diameter is pretty big. Is there really much resistance in the stock Mag C or D springs? Would the bulb really see more voltage if...
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    Comparing my M60 and M61

    Last night on a dog walk I grabbed two EDC's. One had a Malkoff M60 and the other a M61. As I traveled around the neighborhood I tested & compared the two. The M61 is a nice - practical light. It has good throw and a nice spill area also. The M60 has a narrower spill area but thows further and...
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    Super Mag - 15,000+ Bulb Lumens

    I am unable to post pictures & beamshots at the monent but will when I figure out the process. All credit for my build must go to member mrartillery from his posting in Custom & Modified Forum Section; He does share pictures & beamshots in this article and my results are similar. I built two...
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    WF-139 vs. WF188 Chargers?

    I have a couple ofWF-139 chargers and they seem to function well. All my various size cells end up between 4.16 and 4.18 volts. Does the newer WF-188 charger offer iny additional benefits over the WF-139 model? They do cost a few dollars more.
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    Sold/Expired W.T.B. AW Mag-D Soft-Start Switch

    Trying to finish a Incan Mod and need switch.
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    WF-139 Charger ?

    I have a couple of these and they have worked out fine. I have checked my batterys after the light turns green and they seem to stay at the voltage when the red light turned off. Even after forgetting and leaving batterys in charger overnight no over charging problems. I mainly use IMR cells...
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    Mag D Switch Removal ?

    I know that there is a long thread about Mag changing their allen head set screw to something unknown. I just received two new Mags for upgrading and, of course, both have the "New Screw". I need to remove these switches and don't want to search for specility tools from the other side of the...
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    Minimum Gauge Wire ?

    In wiring up a rocker switch for a Mag what is the minimum gauge size wire that I should use for handling 10 amp.?
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    Sold/Expired WTB AW Soft-Start Switch for Mag D

    Needed one - Found one - now need another! Complete with three pair brass riser posts & extra button Post or PM if you have a spare.
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    Magcharger Switch ?

    I hwas thinking about upgrading my well used Magcharger with a higher output bulb - upgraded battery pack - ceramic socket if needed. Will my Magcharger switch handle the extra power & heat? I haven't seen any upgraded switches for these and don't want the hastle of trying to install a rocker...
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    Mag C vs Mag D Switch - any diff. in amps?

    For those who have hotwired both models is there any noticeable difference in amp capacity between the Mag C and D switches?
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    Mag 3 D and 4 X 26500 cells?

    I think that 4 X 26500 cells total about 200mm total. 3 X D cells are about 180mm. Will they fit in a Mag 3D if tailcap spring is cut & shortened? Don't know cap will handle the extra 20mm requiring a custom extended caps.
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    Mag D Switch - Mods?

    I am w/o soldering skills or a machine shop envinorment. This appears to make a rocker type install not for me unless there is a drop-in unit avaiable. Is there any easy-simple way to upgrade a Mag D Switch to better handle higher current levels? I would just use an AW Soft-Start Switch but...
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    Sold/Expired W.T.B. AW - Mag-D - Softstart switch

    AW won't have any more for a month or two. Anyone have an extra that they are willing to part with?
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    Mag D Switch - Max Amp. Rating ?

    I have upgraded my Mag D with glass lens - alumnium reflector - FM G-4 Bi-pin adapter I planned to us an AW Softstart Mag D Switch but they are not currently available or the next month or two. Can the stock Mag D Switch take 10 amps for short bursts using 4 X 26500 IMR cells and a Oscam...
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    Mag Resistance Mods ?

    What exactly do people perform to lower resistance in a Mag? Is it modification to the switch - tailcap - both? How much is there to be gained by this mod? The cap spring in a Mag seems pretty hefty to me compared so say a McClicky switch spring. The wire is much larger dia. and appears that it...
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    ROP Bulb Choices

    Pelican makes the #3853 bulb and the #3854. Wondering experiences in using thse and the pros & cons of each in a ROP light?
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    Solarforce L1200 = Wow Light !!!

    A while back I purchased a L1200 from Lighthound for $75. I was so impressed with its output that I just picked up a second one. These are not "Pocket Rockets" for sure as they have a head dia.of 2 3/4" and a length of 12". I use three AW IMR 18650 cells. Haven't done any runtime tests but I...
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    Surefire Tailcap Springs

    Surefire makes nice products. Their tailcap switches work fine with the primarys that they are designed for. I have found when using high power LED or Incan and IMR cells they - deform - turn color - shorten in length by 1/2. I have not had this problem with the McClicky Switch or even the...

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