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    Switch Failures - 2 in less than 6 Months

    Both Nightcore EC25's - one older series, and one newer series. I bought the second to replace the first that prematurely failed. So now I'm without and in-the-hunt for a similar (side switch) replacement. But this time, I expect far better quality & reliability. Does such a torch exist...
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    Aurora SH-41 HA-III SST-50 from DealsExtreme (SKU 33806) - Really bummed!

    * No warning on the product page that this light was apparently 'out-of-stock' when I ordered. And no indication when they would ultimately ship. * After 17 days, I finally received my SH-41. This 'lightning' fast shipping dinged my wallet an additional $17. * Advertised as 2 mode...
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    DeWALT 3C (DPGA-3C) questions

    I'm curious if anyone has dissected the 3c Dewalt yet. I'm remote so I'm without the opportunity to examine one in-the-flesh. 1. Can it be reasonably easy to disassemble for upgrading? 2. Be nice to know the reflector diameter? 3. Be nice if someone could also measure the battery tube's...
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    18650 +Floody +forward positioned switch

    Feverish seeking a quality torch W/emphsis on the following: 1. Must use 18650 cells 2. Forward positioned switch (please NO rear or tail cap switches). 3. Good to excellent 'flood' or 'spill' The ITP A6 Polestar would be perfect, but it has AA cells. I have a nifty site search feature on my...

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