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  1. akula88

    Your flashlights and humidity

    Hi, Through the years, I've been able to accumulate a number of flashlights. I leave in a tropical country, and in a semi-urban area, and not really directly on the beach. I don't use Alkaline batteries, and are mostly Li-Ion rechargeable or lithium primaries. I've store some of my unused...
  2. akula88

    ISO/WTB - Aleph 1 / 2 Heads - HA Natural

    I'm looking for outstanding or mint condition Aleph-1 and/or Aleph-2 heads, complete with reflector but preferably without Light Engines. HA Natural only. Pls PM or email for offers. Thanks.
  3. akula88

    For Trade: surplus custom tailcaps, etc - Surefire L1 / E-series types

    SURPLUS CUSTOM ITEMS THAT NEEDS TO MOVE - 1- KX2-LM2 Black hybrid (Shotgun weaponlight upgrade) forend - * this is a remnant of my Tana Project. LED/circuit is working. Top bezel is KX, while the bottom housing is standard LM2. Bought both assembly just to get an 'aesthetic LM1' head. Near...
  4. akula88

    Aleph1 vs P60 beam comparison?

    I know this is a bit of a throwback, but these are still relevant for those who still love the platforms : Considering similar circuit and emitter -- maybe XPL-HI or SST20/40, which one would have better throw and beam profile -- Aleph1 or P60. Physically P60 is looks taller compared to...
  5. akula88

    Alternative HA-Natural 18650 P60 Host

    A P60 host question (again) : * Considering the difficulty of obtaining SF C2 and have it bored for 18650, what are my alternatives for an HA-Natural P60 host? - Some says look for Solarforce L2. - Oveready is seemly no longer releasing their P60 bodies in HA-Natural - Lumens Factory -...
  6. akula88

    SF M3 (D36) LED tower vs P60 LED drop-in?

    I'm trying to ascertain which one would throw better -- * a tower-drop-in on a Z46(M3) head/bezel (this is D36) versus * a standard P60 drop-in Assuming both are driven at the same amount current and of similar LED, example - XPL-HI. --- I presume that Z46 having a larger diameter reflector...
  7. akula88

    WTB : SF EB1/2 clicky tailcap

    WTB : Looking to Buy a couple of extra EB1/2 clicky tailcap... preferably with shroud, but regular clicky is ok. Pls note that this is not similar with the regular E-series Z68, as the EB1/2 tailside thread is longer.
  8. akula88

    WTT : U2 head

    WTT : Wanted-To-Trade 1. Surefire AZ2 Combatlight (used) TRADED I had been curious about this light, but found no actual use on my rotation. I find the UI not really to my liking, as well as the size itself. For full declaration -- Unit was acquired early this year from a ConUS user. A...
  9. akula88

    WTB : Surefire E1E unit (or body with or without tailcap)

    * WTB / Looking for : *> Surefire E1E-HA-Natural unit / body (with or without tailcap) - preferably the later 3-round version - used condition is ok, as long as there is no dents on the body Pls PM me for offers and photos. Thanks.
  10. akula88

    SF E1e boring - does anyone still do this?

    Hi. 16340 capacity has not really changed significantly for the past year, when compared with 18350. While Lumens Factory has already released it's 18350 E1 bodies, my interest for boring an E1e (with clip) body remains -- and is aware of the head thread limitations. Does any CPF'er...
  11. akula88

    FOUND :* Black - Surefire KX (or E2D) head -or- E1B (old version NOT -MV) head *

    ** FOUND ** WTB / Looking for : * Black - Surefire KX head -or- E1B (old version NOT -MV) head * -- KX - preferably (but not necessarily) with the less-aggressive crenelation. - Not really looking for shelf collection, so I don't mind user condition, but outstanding / VG, -- as long as...
  12. akula88

    Beamshot request : Surefire EDCL-1T vs D3FT

    Hi, Are all recent Surefire TIR have similar-sized hotspots? Do they have similar emitters? I'm trying to decide between : Surefire EDCL-1T vs D3FT. Can anyone post a side-by-side beam shot? Thanks.
  13. akula88

    Updating old Aleph LEs, SF KX2 head

    I'm planning to update these : Will a simple LED/emitter change be possible without updating or changing the circuit? and just re-flowing of LED? 1. old Aleph light engines with Cree Lux-III : - - A - Downboy-700ma 2004 Rev 3. - - B - Wiz2-400ma 2. Surefire KX2 heads (E2L Outdoorsman)...
  14. akula88

    Surefire E-Series DF ?

    The E-series styled M600-DF head-thread platform powered by either CR123 or 18650 has been around for about 2-3 years. But they are only limited as Weapon Mounted Lights. Modlite came out with it version of an e-series-DF compatible WMLs and handhelds. Will there be a chance in the near...
  15. akula88

    Cheers to SpyderHS08

    Great communicator and accommodated my request. Trust worthy. Thanks H. :twothumbs A1+++ - j.
  16. akula88

    Cheers to GrizzlyAdams

    GrizzlyAdams is a great communicator and easy to deal with. He provided me with additional photos of the light that I was interested in. Fast shipper. Cheers to him!
  17. akula88

    SF X-Series : Differences on P2ZX and Z2X, etc.?

    Hi. I just just acquired some interest and had been back-reading a number of threads on the Surefire X-Series lights, but still have some questions : - What are the basic difference between P2ZX versus Z2x? Do the have the same body with different markings? - Tailcap - I have an OR...
  18. akula88

    Question on lifespan of Li-ion batteries

    In general, Li-ion batteries in different chemistries are rated for certain lifespan, mostly express in number of cycles. How do you define cycles --specifically as charge/discharge cycles ? My question defaults to Li-ion (or Li-polymer?) cells that we are using for our lights/torches, but it...
  19. akula88

    *ACQUIRED* : Bezel/HEAD only - SF E2D Defender Tac for your EDCL2-T

    Hi. *** TRANSACTION MADE / ACQUIRED *** Would you prefer to have the crenelated strike E2D head instead of your current (non-strike) EDCL2-T head? I would appreciate if it's still near mint condition. Pls PM me if you're interested on a 1:1 trade. Thanks.
  20. akula88

    WTB : Surefire E2D Defender Tactical or Ultra body

    Hi, I'm looking for a Surefire E2D Defender Tactical or Ultra body in outstanding condition. Body with Tailcap may also be offered (optional). If you are looking to upgrade your current incandescent E2D or so, you can upgrade your head, and sell me the body. Pls PM me for offers. Thanks.