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  1. PoliceScannerMan

    Laulima Ion Slim

    I have been on CPF for 17ish years. I've spent thousands on lights, I don't want to know how much LOL. There has been many great lights pass thru my hands. See my sigline, those are all still near and dear to my heart. :love: Enter the Laulima Ion Slim. For EDC, this light is about as...
  2. PoliceScannerMan

    WTB: Oveready Surefire L1 Tailcap Shround

    Looking for a Oveready Surefire L1 Tailcap Shroud they sold several years ago. Not picky on Ti or Copper. Thank you!
  3. PoliceScannerMan

    HDS Amber in the Fog

    We have had several days in a row of foggy nites. I have found out that the HDS amber cuts thru the fog with less "flashback" than conventional "white" led lights. If you use your lights in the fog a lot, consider a Amber HDS. That is the post.
  4. PoliceScannerMan

    Osram beam shots?

    Was wondering if anyone had any Haiku or Mahi beam shots with the new Osram emitter that Don is offering. Bet that Haiku beam is nice. :naughty:
  5. PoliceScannerMan

    ZL H503c AA LH351D 4000K Neutral White High CRI Flood Headlamp

    Just ordered one, anyone else have this model? Thoughts on it? It's pure flood, high CRI and runs on the commonly avail AA battery. Living in FL, figured this could come in handy for hurricane season. :poke:
  6. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired WTB: BLF LT1

    WTB a BLF LT1 Lantern, pls let me know what you have. Buy outright or trades. :)
  7. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired WTT Reylight Ti Dawn w Dragon Driver for ???

    WTT my Stonewashed Reylight Ti Dawn with Dragon Driver (219c Triple with red secondaries) Orange/Blue/Green Trits. Pls let me know if you are interested. :thanks:
  8. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: HDS Orange 170N Rotary/Holster/Mule head for Ti Aeon mk III

    Up for trade is my Orange Cerakote HDS 170N (Nichia 219), with Thor's Hammer Holster and a Ti McGizmo Mule head with 3S Neutral XPG2 emitter. Both lights have been carried and used. Cerakote has some chips from EDC, I do not believe the light has ever been dropped. No safe queens here! Light...
  9. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired Traded: ZL SC600w Mk II L2

    Light has been traded. thank you. Now that I have my Mkiii HI I know this will sit neglected. In great shape. Want to trade? PM me with an trade, really interested in anything. Really interested in: - SC5Fc High CRI Floody - SC63w 18650 XHP35
  10. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired WTT S200C2vn AND ZL SC600w Mk II L2 for a ZL SC600w Mk III HI

    I want to trade my two lights for your one. I have a user S200C2vn with knicks, see pics. XPG2 Dedome. Throws like nuts for its size, look at daytime beam shot. Works perfect. Also trading my excellent condition ZL SC600w Mk II L2. Still a very current light, very bright on high! Both...
  11. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired Mule head, withdrawn

  12. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired WTT: McGizmo Mule head w/ XPG2

    I have a lightly used McGizmo Mule head up for trade. It has the 3v 3S engine and houses the XPG2 emitter. I am the original owner. Trading because I now have this head, a aquamule and a sundrop. A bit redundant. Interested in a Mako Flood, but really open to all offers. Bought this head...
  13. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Oveready Copper E2e V4 XPG2 Head and tail only

    Up for sale is my Oveready E2e Copper Head and Tail. I am keeping the body so it is not included in the sale. This head houses the V4 engine and has the XPG2 emitters. The tail is upgraded by Oveready to McClicky. I am the original owner, and this is a user, see pics. Selling because I have...
  14. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired WTT: S200C2vn for TOOLvn/Lenslight

    I have a user S200C2vn XPG2 dedome that I would like to trade for a TOOLvn or a lenslight. TOOLvn/LensLight can be user too. If anyone is remotely interested, I will snap some pics. Light works flawlessly. Bought light here. This S200C2vn throws like crazy, it amazes me every time I push the...
  15. PoliceScannerMan

    Mattaus Hyperion question

    I was having connection issues in my SF 3P with my P60 Hyperion, so my module that I bought here (triple XPE) made and lost contact several times over a few seconds. Now its stuck in strobe mode.... 8 clicks doesn't seem to get me into program mode, just strobes. Anyone got any ideas? :D...
  16. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired Nitecore TM06>>>>>>SOLD

    Nitecore TM06. Good (excellent) condition, two tiny pin prick marks of ano missing on tailcap. See pics. SOLD $90 shipped USA/PP
  17. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired PSM's Rummage sale (All sold)

    Up for sale are items I am not using, none of them are perfect, but they are priced accordingly. I know 2 of these lights aren't custom, but didn't want to have 2 sales threads... I can ship starting thurs morning. :) Next is an original SureFire Saint, I bought when first released. Runs on...
  18. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Very Rare Zebralight 6330vn

    ZL6330vn for sale. Selling to fund a bbq smoker, lol. These are as rare as hen's teeth due to Vin's 50% fail rate on Mod. ;) XML's replaced with dedome XML2's, then current is boosted. Result is a beautiful creamy white beam with very nice balance of spill to throw. Only one emitter lights...
  19. PoliceScannerMan

    Offset Smokers (BBQ)

    I love to grill. I grill 2 times a week on average. Gas grill, upper Home Depot class Ducane. I want to get into smoking meat as a new hobby. Not interested in the automatic pellet smokers with wires and electronics. I want a old school American Made offset smoker where you have to control...
  20. PoliceScannerMan

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Tain Zenith 18500 Ti

    Up for sale is a Tain Zenith with all green Trits. This has the neutral emitter which to my eyes is a beautiful creamy white. Light has been carried and used and has carry marks. If looking for a shelf queen please don't buy. Light does look great however, there is a scuff on the head where...