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  1. konifans

    G4 Halogen Bulbs - 3.6V 4.8V 8.4V 10.8V

    Philips 7387 or 7388 on 2x Li-ion is overdriven. The 10.8V on 3x Li-ion is exactly the same as a Philips 5761 on 2x Lifepo4 = not under or over-driven. If you want to over drive something like a 7388 on 2x Li-ion you can try the 8.4V bulb on 3x Li-ion. I have not tried it yet and not sure if it...
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  5. konifans

    Any Mini Maglite bulb upgrades?

    The plastic components inside the Mini Mag will melt (socket / reflector / lens) if you use something too powerful. I used a 5-cell bulb with 2x Lifepo4 AA batteries and everything melts. The best upgrade for me is just to use a 2-cell bi pin bulb from Mag 2D / 2C, because the current is around...
  6. konifans

    Incan “build” for 2022?

    Something totally different + Run time + Lumens I would suggest a Maglite 3C with 2x 21700 with this: Or Maglite D-cell with this...
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    This is Don Keller :clap:
  8. Mag AA first gen.jpg

    Mag AA first gen.jpg

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    Lantern Collections - Wonder, Ever Ready, Ray-O-Vac...

    Ever Ready Glowlight Made in Britain 2-D cell batteries E10 bulb
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    The first generation Maglite AA I have been looking for these for many years.
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    UKE Underwater Kinetics Collections

    UK Sunlight Vectra 4 D-cell batteries
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