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  1. tdurand

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Mr Bulk Gold Dragonheart

    FS $325 SOLD Light is in original as-received condition. During the production and plating run, this was the only Dragonheart to be gold plated. So a 1 of 1. Ahh.... the MrBulk days of old....hey Charlie! Original order thread Original...
  2. tdurand

    Sold/Expired FS Mac's Custom Mag 3x Cree XR-E P3 WG LED Pewter

    FS $100 Light is in original as-received condition. It is the pewter finish light pictured below. Ahh the Mac days of old Original build thread Pewter Specs -3x Cree XR-E P3 WG LEDS -Tri-Sink -Flupic...
  3. tdurand

    Sold/Expired FS Mac's Custom - All black including bezel- P4 Seoul Powered Mag

    FS $50 Light is in original as-received condition Ahh the Mac days of old All Black including bezel P4 Seoul Powered Mag -UCL Lens -P4 Seoul -Uses AW's "C" Cell -Powered by Mike Jordans Awesome board with 3 brightness levels with 1 amp on high and other features such as strobe, heartbeat...
  4. tdurand

    Sold/Expired FS****SOLD**** MAC Custom C Body Tri Q2 Cree XR-E

    FS $225 SOLD Light is in original as-received condition Ahh the Mac days of old Original thread here;area=showposts;sa=topics;u=453 Near the bottom of the epic sale thread Pg1 -UCL Lens -3x Q2 Cree XR-E Stars -Modamags Tailcap switch...
  5. tdurand

    Sold/Expired FS***SOLD****Luce de Notte - 20mm Small Aluminum - Blue Sphere

    FS $150 SOLD Glower is in original as-received condition Original sales thread International shipping is extra US 48 included Thank you T
  6. tdurand

    Sold/Expired ***SOLD****FS Saruth M1T 13/40 TiN coated SS - Heavy

    FS :$75 SOLD Light is in as-received condition I always liked the split body battery access. Original sales thread here: International shipping is extra. US 48 shipping...
  7. tdurand

    Sold/Expired MR BULK Ti Cub II/Aero Cub -----Sold

    I have Mr Bulk Ti Cub II. $350. Sold It is completely stock, minty, 6AL-4V titanium, utilizing a SSC P4. Holding down the side-mounted switch quickly and smoothly ramps the brightness level up or down, and the output level is stored in memory for the next time the light is turned on (with a...
  8. tdurand

    Sold/Expired FS Ti lego from TnC + other legos from TB + Tnc UPDATE 10/27!

    I have some odds and ends to sell that have been teetering on the edge of my collection. Excuse the dust and my crummy flash. PayPal only (PM me for address) cash or CC. No e-checks please. No trades, seeking to sell only. Prices include US shipping. International shipping available at $$ extra...
  9. tdurand

    Sold/Expired SOLD Ti Cub II + Lunasol 27

    I got me some "dupes" to sell. Lunasol 27 directly from Don. Green trit in tail. $550 Sold + shipping to your destination. I'll cover pp fees. MrBulk Ti Cub II /Aerocub empty slots for two trits. SOLD $450 + shipping to your destination. No fees from pp. Thanks all!
  10. tdurand

    McGizmo Giveaway---All Done. Thanks All!!

    Hey Folks- With inspirado from the master of giving, Mr. Evil Eye himself, the one, the only Kenster, I’ve come up with an idea to spread a little McGizmo love to y’all. Don, it seems, has moved on to other offerings. So the spawn of some wicked Gizmology, the good ol’ Ti XR19C, has become an...
  11. tdurand

    Anybody need a MiniDisc Sony Walkman?

    I have one of these MZ-N505 sealed in the package. Never opened. Gold. It's a USB enabled MiniDisc Player/Recorder. According to the package you can get up to 56 hours of playback from one AA. It comes with wall wart, USB cable, software, headphones and one blank disc. Each disc can hold up to...
  12. tdurand

    Flashaholicism:Year One+1 month (Big Pics))Updated 1/31 with Mac Attack and more!

    After one year, I finally got the family together in one place for a couple of reunion photos. I've had a fun time gathering these pieces and look forward to the coming year. My Mr Bulk section needs some attention. I've sold only three pieces; an HDS B60GT, a CR2 Ion and a 50 watt Xeray. The...
  13. tdurand

    The King with crown (Pic)

    The King with his new fitted crown. Thanks Don and TB and Mack! T
  14. tdurand

    Ol' Three Tusk Ellie and a new kid on the block the Aleph 19 XR-E(big pics)

    Just got the Aleph19 XR-E 1x123 and thought I share a couple of pics with his new friend, Mac's Tri-X Cree regular exposure -1.3 ev Together full exp -1.3ev The tint differences are exaggerated here (I don't have white walls!) and so are the pronouncement of the Cree's...
  15. tdurand

    Sold/Expired FS-CR2 Ion Black Cheap!--SOLD--

    Hey, my first sale thread! FS CR2 Ion Black with minor chip on or around the tail edge. See pic below. Other than that it's been a shelf queen sitting on a very small shelf No messing around with price drops. Priced to move. $120 with shipping. International shipping will be extra. Shop now...
  16. tdurand

    Q&A for McGizmo September Auction

    Hi Don- Just a quick question about #10. Any info on the LE? Thanks! T
  17. tdurand

    Today's Wall Street Journal Flashlight article

    Just a heads up to anyone reading the Wall Street Journal, in the Home and Family section you'll find an article on the rise in popularity of tactical flashlights. It focuses on Surefires E2, Streamlights TL and Pentagons PX2. It also mentions the consumer desire to own Surefire's "The Beast."...
  18. tdurand

    Lotsa torches in the 'Poseidon' trailer

    The trailer has a lot of good humid beamshots. Check it out. The question is, Will they have a Maxabeam laying around? Maybe a barnburner?
  19. tdurand

    Preemptive if not requisite McLuxIV Thread

    It's gotta start somewhere. After receiving my first McLuxIII, I've come to anticipate greatly the announcement of the new McLux project. Here's to wishing Don much success. :clap:
  20. tdurand

    Sold/Expired WTB McLux PD Chrome or Ti or Both

    Sorry for the redundancy Gotta try it though.