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  1. Poppy

    Need help with Visual FoxPro

    I would like to slightly modify a foxpro exe file that was written for our office years ago. There are multiple files with various file extensions that even google doesn't recognize. *.fpt *.fxp *.scx ... etc. there are a number of *.dbf files. I think it uses a version of SQL and tables. It...
  2. Poppy

    Headlight vs flashlight

    Headlight vs flashlight, which do you use more often, and why?
  3. Poppy

    Heat Wave 2022

    The AC in this house struggles when the outside temps reach 88F. My windows crank out, and the opening is too small to put my 10,000 BTU unit in it. So I devised a way to lie it on the floor of the family room, through the sliding door, and fill the top with a hard sheet of polyvinyl foam. It...
  4. Poppy

    attic fan thermostat / temperature control suggestion

    Please let me preface this request for information from a group of flashlight geeks, but I have often been amazed at the depth of knowledge on an amazing variety of subjects, the membership here holds. I have a attic fan. It has a 36 inch box, and I suppose a 30 inch three bladed fan. It can...
  5. Poppy

    I'm liking my Sofirn D25L rechargeable headlamp.

    I bought a Sofirn D25L 5 months ago. I've only used it a few times, but I am liking it enough, that I just ordered another one, just in case they stop production, and they become unobtainable. 18650, 5000 K, 90 CRI, (5 I think) user selectable outputs, and a nice wide field of view, are some of...
  6. Poppy

    power outage 18650 or 21700 light for a starter

    I have a friend/newbie who wants lights for her condo in the event of a power outage. I recommended multiple auto emergency power outage lights, but would let her know what I'll recommend, after I gave it some thought, and spoke to you. In the past I would recommend some Convoy s2+ lights, a...
  7. Poppy

    3-10-2022 and 3-11-2022 updates messed up my HP notebook win 11

    Intermittently I'd have no internet access. It seems that it didn't recognize my network. I went through the trouble shooter, rebooted my router, did all the things. No luck. I called Costco customer support, because the box is only 4 months old, and the gal was very helpful, and we went...
  8. Poppy

    Power Outage Practice... Earth Hour 2022

    Earth Hour 2022 is today March 12, 2022 8:30 PM local time. It's a great time to practice a power outage, and see if your preps would keep you and your's comfortable. Turn off power for an hour, get out your flashlights or lanterns, play a board game, check the...
  9. Poppy

    Power bank that can be charged with apple "lightning" cord recommendation

    I'd like to get a power bank that can be charged with a lightning cord. This way I only need to carry a single cord and charger. OR should I get an adapter that would take a lightning plug and convert to a micro usb. With that I could use any of my power banks my concern with that is that I...
  10. Poppy

    2022 5G cell phones, best deals?

    We have had AT&T wireless for about 32 years. They are upgrading their network to 5G and my phone won't work on it. They sent me a crappy phone that will, but it doesn't compare to what I had. I therefore had to upgrade. My daughter convinced me to switch from android to I Phone. I decided on...
  11. Poppy

    Cheers to Lynx_Arc and orbital

    Cheers to @Lynx_Arc and @orbital members at our site. My son has a hot dog cart and makes gourmet hotdogs. It of course has a propane fired hot water tub that acts as a steam table. He might sell sides of mac and cheese, or gourmet soups. Sometimes his steam table doesn't have enough capacity...
  12. Poppy

    Uses for cut off saw (hand held grinding wheel)

    I needed to cut a 3/4 inch hole through a double walled stainless steel container. My hardened steel drill bits just scratched it. My Titanium coated bits, didn't do much better. I ended up getting a pair of cobalt steel step drill bits. I read that the best method of drilling stainless is with...
  13. Poppy

    Driving on ice or snow experiences, or tips

    My son was on the high school hockey team, and on his driver's learner's permit. One night when we left the ice rink, it was snowing. I let him drive. Another father pulled up next to us at a traffic light, and was shocked... "You're letting him drive!?" Well, yeah, I'd rather he learn how to...
  14. Poppy

    Your favorite Christmas song?

    I think that "O Holy Night" is like the National Anthem of Christmas songs. So many artists sang it, that it is impossible to choose a favorite. Here is one version. How about one that is not particularly religious, but heart warming. Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant or Alabama, either works...
  15. Poppy

    How to test the capacity of your cell phone battery

    The title asks it all, My phone is just over three years old, and I generally try to keep it charged at about 80%. Is there a way to test how good that battery is?
  16. Poppy

    Laptop battery longevity

    My desktop crashed and so I bought a notebook/laptop. Since I got it a couple of weeks ago, I haven't moved it away from my desk, so I can plug it into and out of power at will. I try not to charge it fully, but sometimes I slip. I generally try to keep it between 65 - 85% charged. When I am...
  17. Poppy

    Battery adapters

    Post pictures of battery adapters you bought, 3D printed, or built. This one should arrive today. It is an adapter for Ryobi One+ 18V batteries.
  18. Poppy

    Lessons learned, lessons shared / given

    My dad always made me hold the flashlight for him while he was fixing something; I learned a lot by watching. I did the same with my kids, and now my grand kids. I used to hear... "Poppy, is this a learning thing?" He wanted no part of learning, but helping was OK. It's funny, that I don't hear...
  19. Poppy

    How do you keep your kitchen knife sharp?

    I use my stainless chef's knife for just about everything in the kitchen. I bought a Lansky kit. It takes too much time for me to set it up and use it. I have only used it a few times. Generally, I use a stainless honing rod to keep it sharp, but it doesn't make it razor sharp, and sometimes...
  20. Poppy

    Lawn mower blade sharpening

    How do you sharpen your mower blade?