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  1. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired withdrawn

    withdrawn. admins pls delete. thx :)
  2. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FS: Ti Killer AAA (SOLD)

    i'm slowly cleaning out unused lights. the light is 8/10 condition. this is the 12mA version. $75(SOLD) shipped anywhere in Canada and the US. i'll include a black Photon clone that i attached to it as a backup. i accept paypal. any questions pls post, pm or email me, [email protected]
  3. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FSOT: FM Grooved Grey HA 2C for SF U2 P4 head only or complete light

    FSOT: (SPF) FM Grooved Grey HA 2C for M6 or SF U2 P4 head only or complete light grey FM Grooved HA 2C light. PTS2-C, 3x UX1J, 3x 20mm IMS, UCL, Fatman set at 1000mA, D2Dim controls dimming functions, FM deep tailcap (has a little hue of blue than grey like the body) for 2x18650. stock tailcap...
  4. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTT: AlTin PD-S for Nude PD-S (TRADED)

    EDIT: TRADED i just got this less than a week ago from here, i love the stealth look of the AlTin, but i'm use to bare Ti for EDC'ing. the light is in great condition and i'm looking to possibly trade for one that is a shelf queen in...
  5. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTB: Ti PD-S (FOUND ONE)

    my gf and i counted 2/5 of my penny collection that i started little over 20 years ago. so far my life's collection that i picked up here and there got me $22.27, lol. ya... looks like i'm a little shy on cash to make up the difference, but i'm gonna go ahead and treat myself to an early...
  6. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FS: FM Grooved Grey HA 2C

    FSOT: FM Grooved Grey HA 2C (Price Drop) FM Grooved Grey HA 2C, PTS2-C, 3x UX1J, 3x 20mm IMS, UCL, Fatman set at 1000mA, D2Dim controls dimming functions (slight inductor buzz from the fatman at lower levels) FM deep tailcap for 2x18650 (stock tailcap also included for 2x18500), FM PVC adapter...
  7. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired all gone

    EDIT: Christmas price drop i was planning on getting parts for these to make a complete light, but i had it for awhile and they are just sitting here. note that i bent the end of the clip on McClickie Pak alittle higher so i'm able to attach it a belt better, but it was never EDC'd and only...
  8. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FS: Ti Mule Mizer SOLD

    Edit: Dec 21 : SOLD this is a Ti mule mizer with white a trit on the piston. i'm selling this light to fund something else. i'm the second owner of this light. i added a glow o ring inside the base of the light that i just cut to size. its held on by friction. i did it cause i didn't have any...
  9. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FS: Delghi 2xcr123 Ti Body (SPF)

    EDIT: body is SPF the body is as is from how i received it from Delghi. the threads have some lube on it from me playing lego with other parts. this body will take 2xcr123 or a single pila 168s battery (the pila will be a tight/snug fit). i'm taking money order only and shipping to Canada or...
  10. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired Ti Tritium Glow Fob *SPF*

    Update: SPF got this not too long ago and i haven't found a use for it. it's gotta go. $100(SPF) shipping to US or Canada. money order only and i'll ship it when it clears. i got this from the link below. pls pm or email me...
  11. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTB: Aleph 2xcr123 flared body with Ti clip

    just as the title says. i'm looking for either a nat, black or Ti body with o-rings and a Ti clip attached pls. i want to run it with a pila 168s battery. pls pm or email [email protected] thanks for looking~
  12. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTB or WTT: Mint Ti PD mule mizer for Black or TI Aleph3 tri-lux head

    EDIT: i would like to buy a black or Ti Aleph3 tri-lux head. i have a mint Ti PD Mule mizer with white trit that i would like to trade for a complete black or Ti Aleph3 Tri-lux head with crenelated Ti bezel that can run off a single pila battery and/or two cr123. would like it to be the...
  13. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTB: complete Ti Aleph3 tri-lux head or head alone without a LE

    i'm crazy to want to spend the money on this, but i would like to buy a complete Ti Aleph3 head with tri-lux using the brightest, most efficient LED to date. would like it to have at least an hour and half runtime using a pila battery, two or more cr123 (would prefer to use two cr123 batteries)...
  14. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTB: SS Bezel with 3 green trits

    i'm looking to buy the SS bezel with 3 green trits that would fit on a ARC4. i have a titanium bezel that i can trade with for your SS bezel with trits. i'm located in canada if you're wondering where it would be sent to. pls post, pm or email me, [email protected] thanks for your time looking~
  15. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTT: Ti cr2-ion for Ti PD mule or E series Ti body (Traded,Thx)

    i purchased this cr2 ion new from Endeaver in sept and used it during my backpacking trip in peru for a month during oct/nov and i haven't used it much since i got back. it's been through about 3 sets of batteries. 1 battery station and 2 energizer batteries. its 9/10 condition since i kept it...
  16. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired WTB: 2 stage switch for Aleph

    i would like to get a 2 stage switch for a Aleph tailcap so it'll function exactly like the SF L2. i'm not sure what ohm setting i want, but i'm looking for something that will give me about 20-30 lumens on low and full brightness on high. pls post, pm or email me, [email protected] ,with an...
  17. PhantomZ

    Looking for a hard case wallet with a combination lock

    i saw this YEARS ago on tv i think on TLC. there were these 2 scientist looking guys who would have a few mins to show new gadgets and things. 1 item was this hard case wallet like the size of a graphic calculator, but maybe twice as thick, that can open in half. inside there are some slots to...
  18. PhantomZ

    Question on different types of Ti27 heads

    i understand that the Ti XR27 is a Cree LED and the S27 is the Seoul LED, and both head's lens/window are held in place with 1 or 2 o-rings, but i've seen a pic where the head uses a screwed on bezel ring to keep the lens/window in? when was that one made or is it only a custom job? or am i...
  19. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FS: new nickel mag bezel *SPF*

    new nickel mag bezel for sale. selling this to fund something else i like to buy. $24 includes paypal fee and shipping within Canada and US. first "i'll take it" gets it. a picture will be up later. Edit: SPF
  20. PhantomZ

    Sold/Expired FS/Trade: M6-R Battery Pack Sold

    got a #34 M6-R battery made by JS. the battery has been kept well and charged. i only turn it on every so often just to keep the battery in use and to show off, other then that its been sitting there dying to go to someone who will use it to its full potential. you'll get everything you need to...