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  1. ledbetter

    A light for every room in the house

    Most of us have enough lights to not only fill a display shelf but to have one or more in every room in the house. Just in case and for convenience. I’ll start in the kitchen.I don’t know how I got by without one for so long but maybe my eyes were better. Surefire 6p with Malkoff M61LLLL warm...
  2. ledbetter

    Sold/Expired 219b fans! Malkoff M61, MDC aa, and Muyshondt Maus

    For sale M61 drop in 219b V.2. Catch and release. $50 Sold Malkoff MDC AA 219b. Head only. $75 Sold Muyshondt Maus in tan aluminum. 219b led. Never carried as key chain light. Great shape. $75 Sold PayPal/ff or money order or check. First I’ll take it wins. Will consider trades for Malkoff...
  3. ledbetter

    Sold/Expired Muyshondt/Vinh mule

    Original Titanium Nautilus converted by Vinh into a mule with his driver and xpl led. 3.7v 16340 only. Great shape, no damage or signs of wear. Even has original brass split ring. Selling at considerable loss but never used. Will consider trades for Malkoff, Elzetta, or Mcgizmo lights/parts, or...
  4. ledbetter

    Best Action Movie Ever

    Mad Max: Fury Road. Basically one long chase scene, often the best part of an action movie. All stunts were real. All cars/trucks were made for movie. Guitarist is actually playing music. Australia was too green so it was shot in Namibia. There’s an actual Colt Buntline in the movie. Best quote...
  5. ledbetter

    Regulated vs unregulated

    I‘ve read some Malkoff users avoid running their lights below regulated voltage specs. Is this due to unreliable or higher battery drain, poor performance, or other reasons? I like using M91b’s below specified voltage with a single li-ion, and lately been using a variety of M31’s or 3v Mdc’s...
  6. ledbetter

    Malkoff legos

    Mixing up the parts again. Like this set up a lot.V.4 wildcat, five mega, oveready, and surefire running 2 18500s.
  7. ledbetter

    Sold/Expired Oveready body and zero res tailcap

    Package deal here. E35 body in great condition. Zero res tail cap insert to lengthen battery capacity 15mm also in great condition. Both for $60 thru PayPal and Priority shipping included CONUS. First I’ll take it gets it. Thanks.
  8. ledbetter

    Highlighted Headlines

    Originally entitled "Spotlight" - Empath Hi, thought I would combine two interests: flashlights and news. Well, basically headlines. I still get a lot of stuff in print but online headlines would be great too if you wanted to add to the conversation. And don’t forget to throw some light on...
  9. ledbetter

    Sold/Expired Fraz Labs Tiny Nugget

    Reposted here because I think I screwed up in the marketplace. Hopefully this will show up. Purchased new here on cpf from maker. LED is probably xpl neutral. Box and paperwork included. No battery. Great condition. First I’ll take it gets it. PayPal only and price includes usps priority...
  10. ledbetter

    Sold/Expired Fraz Labs Tiny Nugget

    Bought here on cpf from maker. Not sure what led but probably xpl neutral. Never dropped or abused. Comes with original box and paper work. No 18350 battery included. PayPal only. Price includes usps priority shipping. First I’ll take it buys it. PM to confirm and get PayPal info. Thanks. $70.
  11. ledbetter

    Movies better than the book

    This is going to be pretty short list because the opposite is the norm, but here it goes: The Godfather Being There Jurassic Park Day of the Jackel King Rat Close, but no cigar: Slaughterhouse Five Hombre Valdez is Coming One Flew Over the ****oo’s Nest(why is this with asterisks??)...
  12. ledbetter

    Favorite electronic Gizmos(Not your phone)

    Some electronics are just an improvement over the past. And I guess a gizmo is very specific and specialized - everybody’s got a phone! Also, I’m not going to suggest any Microsoft or Mac computer tech since I’m no expert, but I do like an iPad. Here are some of my favorite non lighting gizmos I...
  13. ledbetter

    What are your favorite drop ins?

    So many have been made and I’ve only had or tried a handful so I’d like to hear other opinions. Here are my top 3 not in any order: M30-versatility of using any single battery and the optics make it a pretty good thrower. Currently a favorite travel light in a vme head and an aa mdc body...
  14. ledbetter

    Cottonpickers Replacement

    I think the first items I purchased on this forum, and the reason I signed up, were chargers and voltmeters from cottonpickers from England. I still use them, but often use multicell chargers more often these days. Their cheapest item was a little voltmeter with magnets I still use almost daily...
  15. ledbetter

    Corona Science

    I was hoping the latest COVID thread would be more about verifiable information and science but it looks like it’s going to devolve into more chat about media, religion, politics, and freedoms stated in the Constitution. Not that those aren’t important topics, but they are a problem on this...
  16. ledbetter

    Popcorn and movies

    Don’t know about you but I’m making a lot more popcorn at home these days stuck at home instead of going out. Discovered a red popcorn with no hull to speak of(that annoying part that gets stuck in your teeth or in your throat!). Really prefer it over the regular white or yellow stuff. I’m old...
  17. ledbetter

    4/3a nimh still in use?

    Saw some old threads here where people use the 4/3a battery to run aa lights and Malkoff’s old M30 module. At 4000mah you could get some serious run times, but with eneloop pros now at 2500 and lithium aa’s now at 3000, is it even worth trying? An intriguing part is its size at 17650 or 18650...
  18. ledbetter


    Things are getting crazy out there! Cabin fever from lock down? The economy? The weather? Hope this thread won’t go racist or too political. I do feel for the cops and firemen that have to clean up this mess. And what’s the use of calling a curfew and the National guard and not enforcing the...
  19. ledbetter

    Lantern/Diffuser for mdc, mdx, and vme

    Trying to minimalize camping gear and got a fenix ods diffuser which has 25mm specs that I thought would fit the mdc heads to use as a tailstanding lantern.Well, after a lot of whittling and sanding it sorta fits two of the four heads and the light looks pretty good. Funny how mdc heads aren’t...