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  1. bykfixer

    What am I missing: Why does my 300 lumens light seems brighter than my 550 lumens light?

    I have some lights like that. The double a offers about 1.5 volts, the 14500 some 3+ volts. So using a double a means x lumens and using a 14500 means WOW lumens.
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    Post your family's favorite lights

    My family prefers the closest light available most of the time.....or their celphone 🥴 Since I have a bunch of lights laying around they have a selection.
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    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    I'm not saying I always, always, always drive the speed limit, no. There are some areas in my state where the lane lanes of the interstate are bumper to bumper for a mile going to their destination in a mighty big hurry. Folks whizz past you on the shoulder there. The double wide train is often...
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    there are some Jokes

    A woman came home from church to find a burglar inside stealing her belongings. She hollered "stop! Acts 2:38". That is a verse that says "repent and be baptized". The burglar froze. She called the police. While the policeman was handcuffing the burglar he asked "why did you freeze when she...
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    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    They did not have to pass me. Speed limit was 60. I was going 62. They chose to pass me. A cop calling someone out for obeying traffic laws on an open forum causes me to wonder about whether it's a real cop or just some yahoo with a badge on a power trip. Not in the photo is the guardrail on...
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    Surefire A2 Aviator and their 9 volt lights were their first "dual fuel" flashlights.

    Don Keller's Pro-Lite had a rechargeable one that used 3D batteries in a pinch. Heck, the Maglite ML125 is a dual fuel 3C sized light. I believe the company was called Qualcom but they made tailcaps and chargers for Kel-Lite, LA Screw and early Maglites to convert those to dual fuel. But the...
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    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    This morning as I was cruising 62 in a 60 and it seemed like 9 out of 10 motorists were going past me in the 70's and 80s mph I started coming up on brake lights. The pavement was wet but it wasn't raining. Yet mile after mile I eased past many of the people driving way too fast for conditions...
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    Dehydration thread

    One year when I had passed kidney stones the doc gave me sulfer pills to ease the pain of post-tract shredage where one was extra misbehaved on the way out. The bright orange dye definitely marks your territory.
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    Why do you EDC?

    The goat is always prepared too
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    Oh do tell, please.....
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    One is none

    I I do. Like Poppy said, one is for work, one is personal but it's a backup to my work phone if needed. At one point when signals were spotty one was brand A carrier, the other brand B. And there were times that came in handy because A or B would not have signals where I was but the other...
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    Dehydration thread

    A few months have passed and the daily torture of muscle cramps had subsided to occasional. All kinds of things were adjusted to see if there was a correlation involved. It seems in my case the water I was drinking played a role. See, at my work the contractor keeps cases and cases of...
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    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    Speaking of mud flaps....
  14. bykfixer

    Why do you EDC?

    The whistle is attached to a badge/mic holder (molle?) via neck lanyard. An airhorn would be impractical to carry as often small pockets are already filled with tools.
  15. bykfixer

    Maglite finally goes dual power!

    Agreed. A pair of C batteries may shove 2.4 to 2.6 volts. I do know when I put a pair of 18500's in an ML25LT it lasted maybe 10 seconds.
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    Why do you EDC?

    I carry one on my safety vest at work because it's a heck of a lot louder than I am. One night at work I saw a worker was about to be hit by a car. I yelled and yelled to no avail. Luckily a guy next to me was a loud person. I tapped him, showed him what was happening as I turned away not...
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    One is none

    Gee, this thread took a left at Albequrque, huh?
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    Pandemic supply chain in your area

    The demand for fuel has eased as the world economy cools down. And according to the alphabet soup parrots called news media the supply chain is now suddenly all fixed again.
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    RIP BoB McGrath, original cast member on Sesame Street

    He was 91.
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    Early Morning Light

    Am I that predictable? 😁