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    Nightwatch Chaos NS59v2 is scary!

    A little scary pulling 48 amps on balanced cells. The top half belongs on a soda can triple body, sharing the load with a third cell.
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    The Lounge 2022

    Nothing for a month what's going on here?
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    HAIKELITE HK05 30,000 lumens (1000m) flashlight with Type-C charging & discharging - 5 x SFN60 LED's

    Watching your two reviews how would you rate it against the Astrolux EC06?
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Long live the P60!!
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Thanks y'all
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Could you please post a few links.
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    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    Too good to pass up. Thanks Vinh
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    With SolarForce out of the game, what budget tube to consider for LED drop-ins?

    There are still a few out there. Not quite Solarforce but close. Want it in 21700...
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    Sorry your light is very old as far as LED lights go. It's related to the Solarforce lights in name only, before the P60 clones. I've never had one and would not know where to start. However if you're wanting to go the P60 route I could give you a list of who's making what. This will get you...
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    Looking for suitable P60 drop-in unit

    Here you go. It's got 4 modes with double and triple tap extra modes. I picked the 5000K LEDs, it draws 5.6 amps. It should be 2000 Lumens. For $7.00 US they'll also send their P60 version in 21700. Good host but the head and tail are not P60 compatible in the threads...
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    Mateminco MT04vn - Best Perf 4 $$$ R

    Only one cell that I know of, Fitorch has two wrappers and a built in charger. It's 26.5mm diameter and 40.1mm long Vapcell is 26.1mm by 35mm...
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    Mateminco MT04vn - Best Perf 4 $$$ R

    I was picky, I wanted higher capacity and the brightness. I started some 26800 battery threads on BLF got the push going and along with another who convinced Mateminco 26800 was viable. Now a few like Convoy, Mateminco, AMUTORCH and Nightwatch are doing 26800 lights. MT04 is a great light...
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    Mateminco MT04vn - Best Perf 4 $$$ R

    New tubes available for 26800 battery. The brightness of a Samsung 40T with 7000 mAh capacity.
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    21700 parallel battery carrier

    Try this page.
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    The Lounge 2021

    I care about P60vn light engines. I start to feel like I'm one of the last P60 users. Big question, what amperage are you pulling with the SBT90.2 5700K and the Quad Osram GW 6500K?
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    The Lounge 2021

    My Covid was three days of leg shakes then I coughed for a week, very mild. My wife was a bit worse, however she did lose three relatives. I lost 4 people at work and knew I had to get the shots to help stop the disease. Both shot for me were worse than the disease symptoms wise, not a bad...
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    The Lounge 2021

    Vihn, you knucklehead and I mean this in the best way. I raised two boys and this is the last place to ask baby advice on. Try your pediatrician, there what you call professionals.
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    NightWatch NSX3vn NSX4vn - Best Clicky Flooder R

    Forgot to list Mooch's test. His second chart listing the 26800 cell vs Vapcell Red 20amp 5500mah is worth looking at. As the cell in the Vapcell Red...
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    NightWatch NSX3vn NSX4vn - Best Clicky Flooder R

    I found some data on both and the 26800 is for sale in the USA for $4.75. And a test review. also comparing Mooch’s test between the best 26650 and this 26800 it’s about 1400 mah extra at 10...
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    The Lounge 2020

    On my tiny 308 mags I use grip tape to protect when dropped and to add some grip to not drop. Personally from the bottom up about a 2" band