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    Sold/Expired WTS : Triple Nichia 219/XP-G2 dropins for Lummi Raw

    Got my dropin today - very quick shipping from Japan! I'm really impressed. The dropin was easy to install and I am really digging the beam tint and pattern. Thanks ZanZan!
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    Sold/Expired WTB Muyshondt Aeon

    PMs replied to.
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    Sold/Expired WTB Muyshondt Aeon

    I really would like to get my hands on an Aeon. Natural HA preferred. PM me and let me know what you've got.
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    Sold/Expired WTS : Triple Nichia 219/XP-G2 dropins for Lummi Raw

    Wow, can't believe I missed this. :( Great looking dropins.
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    The Vesuvius Hi-Current Flashlight

    A customer was trying his hardest to buy a product from you and it made you irritated. I think that's bad. We all get busy, no need to take it out on a paying customer.
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    The Greatest Single Battery Flashlight (with Regard to Lumens Output)

    I think the new Peak Vesuvius with ~600 lumens will be up there.
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    Is the Vesuvius vaporware?

    Jorgen - I didn't realize that. That DOES make a difference. I think talking about vaporware after a week is unreasonable. After a few years, it's a valid concern.
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    Is the Vesuvius vaporware?

    Seriously? You are concerned that a light announced a week ago is not out yet? I prefer that Curt spend his time working on the light rather than updating us on every minute detail.
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    Surefire E1B hotspot not centered...normal?

    There are other manufacturers who achieve perfectly centered emitters in every light. No need for a snide comment.
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    The WOW factor new light

    Sounds like a must-buy.
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    who else makes high cri lights

    Re: Peak Eiger high CRI My wife doesn't agree, but in this case, my "buy first, ask questions later" philosophy worked. If I had known only 40 were available, I might've bought 2.
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    Lowest low light level - comparative beamshots

    I find that I am gravitating towards lights that have a very low level. The first level on my Ra Twisty is set to 0.08 lumens. I am also a big fan of the Photon Freedoms. They have a great UI and it's easy to have the light come on at a very low level. I also just got the Sunwayman V10R and the...
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    Who has preordered Sunwayman Anniversary Edition Lights?

    The V10R is extremely tempting. I just received the Ti version and it's a sweet light. Having the same thing but with a range of 1-400 lumens would be awesome. I also like the looks of the red ring on it.
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    Peak Eiger let down (allgood, sorted)

    Re: Peak Eiger let down I would like to throw in my vote with the "Keep it!" crowd. The nice, warm beam is awesome. It's a great light. I think you will grow to appreciate it over time.
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    who else makes high cri lights

    The Peak Eiger modded with Nichia high CRI LED and sold by Oveready fits the bill. The beam on mine is gorgeous.
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    Peak Eiger, now with Nichia 119-H1 High CRI

    I just tried to use the switch I already had. I didn't purchase a new one. And anyway I intended to use out as a twisty. I just tried the momentary for the heck of it. Thanks for the offer, though! Posted on my HTC Evo using Tapatalk.
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    Peak Eiger, now with Nichia 119-H1 High CRI

    I've only had my high CRI Eiger for a few days, but I am very pleased. The warm tint is beautiful. It looks like an incandescent to my eyes. I picked up the long keychain body and a 10180 body as well. I am not particularly fond of the extra length of the long keychain body over the lugged...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Warm White A2 LED Ring (calipsoii) - $1

    I'll take it, as I am in the continental US. I also PMed you on the marketplace since I was having trouble logging in to CPF proper for some reason.
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    Question for the Zebralight users...

    I rarely use mine like that because I have their new flashlight models as well. It has worked fine the few times I have done it, and I like that you can set it down and aim it at what you are working on if you need hands-free operation.
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    The Maratac AAA "Cu"

    I want one.