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    How Do Most Lithium Ion Batteries Behave When They Are Approaching End Of Life?

    I have no study nor proof, but some solid theories how worn or aging cells might be more dangerous... 1. The rising IR causes the cell to heat up more and more under the same load. If it gets too hot, it might go into thermal runaway, which a new cell would not do under the same load. 2. If used...
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    How Do Most Lithium Ion Batteries Behave When They Are Approaching End Of Life?

    Generally speaking, the IR rises, and the capacity declines. The capacity curve is similar to the discharging curve in that there is a "knee" where it's very flat, but after that it starts to drop faster and faster. Here are some values from my laptop where I went through a complete battery...
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    Are "Eneloop lite" no longer available?

    There are other batteries which might be even better suited for this type of application, surpassing the Eneloop Lites in both capacity and cycle life, also made by FDK in Japan. They are called FDK HR-AAULT, and they have a capacity of at least 1000 mAh at several thousand cycles (their data...
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    Amazon Basics - Ordered vs Delivered

    Somehow I expected something like this to happen when I read something like "Design subject to change" on the Amazon website... however, it gets worse if they mix up cells made in Japan with those made in China, and much worse is the mix-up with Li-Ion cells which are a totally different item...
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    4AAA - C cell & 3AA to D cell adapters & Eneloop Pro LSD charging?

    Did you consider buying full-size C and D size rechargeables instead of the AAA and AA Eneloops and holders? I bought some full-size D cells recently for my boombox and actually was surprised at how cheap they were... Amazon has them as Amazon Basics, and the 4-pack of D cells costs $24,95 (€...
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    Test/review of Panasonic Super Heavy Duty AAA CAN

    So they are called "Super Heavy Duty" now? I can recall that some years ago the blue mark meant "Standard" (which was the lowest-capacity Zinc-Carbon cells they carried), then there were red "Super" and green "Green", and then Alkaline. Oh, right, they only say "Super Heavy Duty" on the package...
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    Want to ask a question to an official ENELOOP technician? Please post them

    Sorry for asking (and for reviving this thread), but it has now been 2 weeks since your meeting with the Eneloop technician... I'm checking your site regularly now, but I can't find any evidence of our questions having been answered. So I'd like to know if there will be a...
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    Life expectancy of Lithium Ion camera battery (mine is 12 years old)

    I'd be cautious here... I think the assumption that the 2nd battery also has 765 batteries just off the charger is probably wrong. I found that Li-Ion batteries do lose capacity over time and that this is hardly noticeable by open-circuit voltage. What rises significantly, though, is internal...
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    Want to ask a question to an official ENELOOP technician? Please post them

    OK, here are the two actual questions rephrased: 1. How long is the life expectancy of an Eneloop cell if it's only cycled every two years (i.e. if a charge lasts 2 years)? 2. If a cycle in an application lasts for two years, should the Eneloop cell then be cycled multiple times after each...
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    Want to ask a question to an official ENELOOP technician? Please post them

    I'd also be interested in the longevity of Eneloops which don't get cycled very much. The background for this is the question if it pays off to use them in devices like wall clocks which typically run at least a year on a cell (or in this case, on a charge) or if it would be better to use...
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    All my eneloop XX 2500 mAh batteries dropping like flies

    Sorry for coming a bit late to the party here, but here's some comments from me as well... as written above, the IEC standard always charges the batteries with a fixed amount of charge, which is quite a bit more than what was previously discharged. The C/4 discharges and charges charge the...
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    Test/review of PKCell AAA 1000mA (Green-silver)

    Where did you get the rating of "at least 1200 cycles" from when the packaging actually states "up to 1000 cycles"? I'd really surprised if a cell with that high capacity also managed to put out over 1000 cycles... normally, high capacity cells would be rated for max. 500 cycles, at least LSD...
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    Panasonic phasing out of Cylindrical Battery Business

    One question that, surprisingly hasn't come up yet... does this phasing out also affect the Eneloop line of batteries? AA's and AAA's are also cylindrical, aren't they?
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    Disappointing data re: Odec C-cell batteries

    You bought a bunch of alkalines in... 2012? Well, then they are now 6 years old. I'd better check on them if they're still good because alkalines, even if they don't leak, self-discharge over time as well. I think the rate is about 5.5% per year, though this might be different depending on the...
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    Looking for raw voltage vs time data for an NiMH charge cycle.

    I would try to compress the curve so that the data of each 30-second period gets averaged into one data point. These should be fairly smooth then, I think, so then you could try further analysis on that compressed version of the curve.
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    How and when do you charge your cells?

    Since "flashlights" weren't mentioned in the thread title, I'll give a more general answer since I actually don't have single Li-Ion cells, only NiCd and NiMh. I do have Li-Ion battery packs for some devices, however... Since "cells" were in the thread title, I only will list those devices who...
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    Rechargeable Size C and D Batteries

    This would be new to me. As far as I know, the only cells that were made like this were Eneloops which internally had 3 AA's in a D cell and 4 AAA's in a C cell. But those are discontinued as far as I know The other manufacturers either have full-size NiMh cells or stick one smaller cell in...
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    Are your old Eneloops still going strong? - a survey.

    I basically have Eneloops from two batches... 4 AAA cells I bought in 2010 and 12 AA cells made in April 2014. Out of the AAA cells, 3 have been badly impacted by use in a cheap wireless phone which did some heavy trickle charging to them, the 4th one should be OK. I'm now using two of the badly...
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    Eneloop charger criteria

    Yes, I agree that it seems pretty ironic that I write so much while at the same time stating that it's overdoing it. This is probably an expression of an inner conflict of mine. The problem is that my parents grew up during World War II when here in Austria, there was extreme scarcity in...
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    Eneloop charger criteria

    There's quite a bit of research going on in this thread, which I think is overdoing it. In fact, for now I've settled with a pretty primitive solution... Until a few months ago, I had a Tronic charger which was € 8,99 and died after a few years, so I had to discard it. It worked for about 400...