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    **NEW** MicroFire Pioneer III (SST-90, 2400lm)

    I was hooked until I saw the price..... too rich for my blood. :(
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    New Terralux triple XP-G Drop-in for Magcharger

    I don't know this for a fact, but I would suspect that the electronics of the two modules are the same (I believe that this was the case with earlier versions of this module) and that it is only the connection method that is different. As such, I wouldn't expect seven NiMH cells to be an issue.
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    Hello I'm new and have a question - TrustFire capacity question

    As stated, there is currently no commercially available 18650 cell with a 3600mAh capacity - it's basically a bare faced lie. I recently tested the capacity of an Ultrafire 3600mAh cell and the capacity measured from a 0.7A discharge was only 775mAh. There may be other things to take in to...
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    The Official EagleTac G25C2 thread.

    Apologies - you did clearly state you were interested in Redilast batteries, and for some reason I answered your question as if you had asked about AWs! Must have been tired I guess..... :ohgeez: I have now checked Redilasts - again, I have the 3100 rather than the 2600 - and as Fitz stated...
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    The Official EagleTac G25C2 thread.

    The G25C2 has physical reverse protection, so wide shallow buttons should be a no go. However, I've been able to use AW 3100mAh cells - which have a very similar button - without any issues. I can't say for certain about the 2600s, as I don't have any, but I would suspect that if the 3100s fit...
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    Best IMR 16340 cell and charger???

    The 4Sevens charger will take 16340 cells without the need for a spacer.
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    SR92 - Is it the best light in its size class?

    Isn't the RRT3 3x18650, rather than 2x18650?
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    The Official EagleTac G25C2 thread.

    I'm not qualified to talk about regulation, but can state that the G25C2 does have a timed step down on the highest setting for thermal protection. However, unlike most lights, you have the option of turning this timer off so that the light will not step down.
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    TerraLUX MiniStar31M-EX With Maglite 3D Using 4 C Cells?

    I believe (I don't personally own any MagC's, so am unable to confirm this) that it is the base of the module that prevents it being used in a C cell Maglite. The base of the module is turned down to be the same diameter as the inner bore of the MagD battery tube, so the bottom of the module...
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    Terralux 31M_EX [email protected] LED Conversion

    I'm personally running a 2D Mag with a Modocod 6AA battery holder, and that works just fine. I cannot see that there would be an issue in running two li-ion cells in series.
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    Which Charger?

    There seem to be several variations of the WF-139 - perhaps made in different factories, or at different times, or with different components. Some seem to terminate entirely, some charge to inconsistent voltages, some never fully terminate. Even the good ones only employ a CC charge phase, and...
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    Charger/ electronic question

    It should charge the 10Ah cells to full charge, assuming that the charger doesn't have some built in timer that prevents the charge running full term to termination. It would just take longer. Unfortunately, I do not know if there is a safety timer built in to this charger. It may just be that...
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    Torn between G25C2 and SC600

    Once switched on, it is possible to turn the G25C2s head to change modes, but you need to change hand grip to go from turning the light on to changing modes, and it takes quite a lot of effort to turn the head from the highest setting. The SC600 would make more sense for one handed use.
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    The Official EagleTac G25C2 thread.

    I cannot detect any appreciable delay - it appears to turn straight on. In the same sort of vein, there is normally no pre-flash when switching on at a low level. If you start in a strobe mode, and then switch quickly to low, the light seems to have to 'catch up' with your choice, and switches...
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    The Official EagleTac G25C2 thread.

    Does the Enerpower+ have a very wide or shallow button top? If so, the lights physical reverse polarity protection may be preventing the accu from making good contact.
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    interchangeability between Olight M20S-X tail cap and M21X???

    To the best of my knowledge, no, this will not work. The lights with side switch functionality have a different control board to those that are controlled by twisting the head. As such, if you want the side switch functionality, you need the matching control board, which your light does not have.
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    Upgrading Maglite 3D and 4D to Terralux Ministar31m-ex using 1/2 D cell

    If we are talking about protected LiCo cells, the bare cells may be 32600 in size, but the added length of the protection circuit takes the cell to 32650 anyway.
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    Redilast vs AW 18650 differences?

    Even in terms of the lux readings, different componentry added to the bare cell could have an effect. If the protection circuit alters the power delivery of the cell (or the button, or the baseplate, or what have you), then the different power characteristics will have an effect on the...
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    Redilast vs AW 18650 differences?

    The fact that the underlying cell is the same doesn't necessarily mean that the performance will be identical. If one assembler uses a different protection circuit to another, then that could have an effect on the overall performance.