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    Maratac LEP DX Reach

    the point source beam pattern is impressive but the extremely bright hot spot will ruin your nite vision and reduce search capability for anything not in the beam.
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    Why I Buy Maglite

    that military right angle flashlight (with interchangeable gel filters) had a big clip so you could clip it on your ejection harness and shine light on the panel with both hands free. Before the mag-light there was the B-Light (made by Bianchi) and the K-Lite (KelTec). Heavy aluminum tubes...
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    Tain Tribute Thread

    these are no longer available anywhere that I can find. I have one AAA light from Tain. how does one get on his subscription list ? anybody know ? /markp
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    Will Dewalt's new Powerstack battery tech take over the market?

    On the surface area - on a planar battery only the top and bottom plates can radiate heat without passing it thru other plates. See what I mean ? The surface area per Mwh is less. Also, do drills and hand tools have the high current draw we see in high end flashlights ?
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    Will Dewalt's new Powerstack battery tech take over the market?

    Thermal runaway is a concern on these because you do not have the surface area from which to radiate excess heat. /markp
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    Why do you collect flashlights?

    Like a pocketknife or a screwdriver, a flashlight is a tool, and the nice ones out there are really beautiful. here's most of my pile. Tray is a GITD item from CountyComm ( as is the Maratac 4 cell light behind. Knives are a Mission prototype, all titanium folder...
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    15,000 lumen exterior area light flashing in cold temps

    I'm thinking it's the power supply. is it an outboard power supply ?
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    Your usages of rechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH or 1.5V Li-ion AA/AAA batteries?

    I'm 100% on NiMh AA and AAA, very good luck with them, far better than the old Nicads.
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    What do you think the best folding knife

    I have a number of Allen Elishewitz folders. They are prolly too nice for EDC. Benchmade has licensed a number of Elishwitz designs.
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    Dead Fluke 88V re-birthed to 'as new'!

    would like to know where the fluke service center was - US or OZ ? the best unit of it's type anywhere, a really great tool looks like the 88 has an "RPM" function that shows Hertz on the AC Volt function. thanks for the post
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    What are your experiences with the Fenix and Olight brands?

    I have a brand new Fenix TK76 (4 emitter, 4 X 18650) and very disappointed with it. Not reliable. I believe the battery holder is at fault. An earlier TK75, modded, has been very reliable.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I am really groovin on the Maratac lights offered by CountyComm this one just landed today. Its a 4 X XPL-Hi emitter, 21700 battery with 18650 adapter, and about 3000 lumens on turbo. Really great light...
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    What are your experiences with the Fenix and Olight brands?

    Rich, I just got a TK75 and very disappointed with it. Lots of "troubleshooting" and seems to be related to the plastic battery holder. is there any way to get those battery holders open stock ? /markp
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    Marketplace use way down

    yes I think the combination of social media groups and the fact that you can get "good enough" lights for $12 - $15 bucks has contributed to the lack of participation here.
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    Your favorite / best / coolest / nicest flashlight of 2021?

    Is that a Vinh light ? I will have to get in touch with him.
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    Your favorite / best / coolest / nicest flashlight of 2021?

    I bought an Oveready BOSS which is a 3 emitter, 1 X 18650 light, and I really like it. It's a hi CRI tone, and has an unusual UI with a "red first" feature, I may change that. Another stunner is the Maratac Apollo 4 X 18650 light, this thing is very powerful, I gave one as a gift to a person...
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    Surefire 6P + Malkoff 400 lumen LED drop in outputting like... 11.5 lumens???

    I think you got either high resistance or poor / intermittent contact. Clean and lube all of the threads and the contact points. you might try and disassemble the switch too. Use your silicon grease or nyogel.
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    Your favorite / best / coolest / nicest flashlight of 2021?

    I just got a 4X18650 "Apollo" light from County Comm, very impressed with this one, excellent construction and great beam with 3 levels. also got a Fenix TK75 which is a 4 cell 18650...
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    Fenix PD36 TAC, ALB-10, ARB-L21-5000U First Impressions

    I just got a Fenix TK76 and very disappointed with it. VERY finicky to get it to work at all, the 2 button UI is not remotely intuitive, and the battery holder does not make positive contact with the brass rings on the back of the head. Very disappointed. I have a modded TK75 with the 3...
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    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    one of my favorite sellers of flashlight and EDC stuff, CountyComm, has several keychain lights on offer.