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    how did are ancesters get buy with candles

    This is interesting. I have wondered about if anyone came up with the idea to put a metallic plate behind the candle in order to focus the beam. And at the same time avoid getting the light directly to the eyes. Was the reflector invented before or after incandescent bulb?
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    Any modern lights with interfaces that aren't crazy?

    Thrunite and Acebeam have the best UI in my opinion. While it has several output levels it's still very simple to use and can be used as a single mode or multimode light. Both these brands offer models who can provide around 4000lm steady for around an hour or more but they are large and heavy...
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    XTAR VC4S vs. NEW X4, which one do you prefer?

    Thanks for the clarifying! :thumbsup:
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    XTAR VC4S vs. NEW X4, which one do you prefer?

    No comment XTAR? :wave:
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    [Review] Olight Warrior X Pro - Proprietary 21700 2250 lumens Tactical Flashlight

    Re: [Review] Olight Warrior X Pro - Proprietary 21700 NOT TACTICAL Flashlight I have noticed there are two versions of Warrior X Pro: one with 2250lm and another with 2100lm. These also have significantly different runtime graph at high mode. See the difference here. Both have active cooling...
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    XTAR VC4S vs. NEW X4, which one do you prefer?

    I have used the charger more now. And it's very common that the voltage shows 4,20V but the percentage remains at 80%. The question is: if the battery is charged to 4,20V, why it does not show FULL? And sometimes it happens that when I move the battery to another slot it immediately shows 100%...
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    I just realized my best lights are about 10 YEARS old!!

    Yes, with new neutral, warm and high CRI emitters that is true. But the tint of the cool white models of for example Fenix TK10 and TK30 were creamy white and better than many of the bluish tints of successors with higher efficiency.
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    ACEBEAM E10 is launching

    Because of my liking of the white E10 I ordered the green as well, and received it yesterday. Very pleasant tint for the eyes! And I earlier did a big misassumption when I thought it like a red tint would erase all other colors. It definitely does not. While a white object of course looks green...
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    Longest Lasting 1200 lumen flashlight

    Thanks for the information! :thumbsup:
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    I just realized my best lights are about 10 YEARS old!!

    I still have a few great lights from 10 years ago, and even 12-13 years ago. L1D was my first Fenix but I sold it or gave away it long time ago. But I still have TK10, TK20 and TK30(the newly released TK30 is a totally different light and not a successor). I liked the simple UI with low and...
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    XTAR VC4S vs. NEW X4, which one do you prefer?

    I have Dragon VP4 plus since some year and ordered X4. Received it yesterday. I like that it shows both percentage and voltage. But one drawback is that it's not possible to choose the charging current manually. I read that the charger choose current based on battery type and length. This...
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    An attempt at moderation, contentment, and gratitude

    Gurdygurds, You really deserve respect. Not only that you manage to not have a lot more flashlights than you really need. But also what is noticeable on the picture: you USE them. I have more than 100 flashlights and only use a few. Many of them are not used more than a few times. Or used or...
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    Dog walking and coyotes

    Ok, I understand. A coyote is like a midsized dog, or slightly larger than a fox, right? So an adult human can usually protect himself against one coyote. But against a pack it will be more difficult. Even worse for children. And even a small canine can crush the finger with its bite so I...
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    Dog walking and coyotes

    I am curious here: is the problem with coyotes mainly related to that they consider your dog as a meal or are they even threatening against humans?
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    17670 batteries ? Where they go?

    What I wonder is if the stated capacity of other cells is also valid for 4,35V? Are all unprotected Li-Ion cells possible to charge to 4,35V?
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    17670 batteries ? Where they go?

    Here I wonder: if 2500mAh Keeppower 16650 is falsely advertised of 2500mAh when that's valid without the protection at 4,35V, is it the same for 2100mAh model?
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    Longest Lasting 1200 lumen flashlight

    I was earlier interested in TK09 but never found a review with runtime graph neither of the 450 or 900lm version.
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    21700 Vs 26650 Batteries

    I understand the popularity of 21700 size. It has significantly more capacity than 18650 while almost as much as 26650(yes the highest capacity same as average 26650). So far I have only one 21700 light: Thrunite T2 and the size is good in the hand. I still think it's a bit too large and heavy...
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    Can LED lights now throw at the same level as HID?

    I wonder: Thrunite TN42 is 2000lm and around 600000 candela. How many candela has an HID with the same lumens?
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    NEW - FENIX HM65R ShadowMaster Headlamp

    My point is: you immediately notice if you turn off the light and can turn it on again. Accidently changing the mode is not always noticeable, especially not with a small brightness difference. And I know some want a long click for ON because it prevents(or reduces) the risk for accidently...