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    Kiessling's wonderful job

    Re: Kiessling\'s wonderful job CHEERS OUT TO Kiessling HIP HIP HOOOOORAYYYYYYYYY! GOOD JOB!
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    Sold/Expired WTB: ARC 4+ tail replacement

    you are double posting by posting in here and in arc 4 forum this post will probably be locked Just to let you know for the future Double posting is against the rules thanks and have a good day
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    ARC 4+ tail replacement

    the surefire one fit and work don't know if its still water tight though
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    FS: Aleph2-2x123 custom blue & Chrome

    {The light did start out as all red but I wanted to make two lights out of one! I swapped parts with an all chrome unit and I felt the red body with chrome ends looked sharper than the red ends on the chrome body. The latter, I kept for myself. } Do you want to sell the blue ends for the...
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    Aleph Collections!

    Got to love that pic nice one noodle .!
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    FS: Aleph2-2x123 custom blue & Chrome

    You got it my man thanks!.
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    FS: Aleph2-2x123 custom blue & Chrome

    Hello ? Don? did you see my post ^^ ? You can send me an email if you want its my geforcefx username Then (_5900) then the @ then don't type the parentheses
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    FS: Aleph2-2x123 custom blue & Chrome

    ohhh i want it so bad!!!!!!!!! if you can HOLD this bad boy and let me send you a money order on Jan the 7TH When i get paid and will have money after christmas SO if you can hold till then THEN consider it SOLD!!!!!!!
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    Aleph Collections!

    just a little bump!!! POST more pictures don post the pretty colored ones you got and make them drool.!~!!!!! EVERYONE POST YOUR CREATIONS!
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    How do I boot up to Windows faster?

    Ok you need the program called bootvis go to these two webpages to get more info. and
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    Prayer request and PRAISE report thread>>>

    Re: Do you need prayer? Guess im a flashaholic ok off to bed now. Later guys and gals.
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    Prayer request and PRAISE report thread>>>

    Re: Do you need prayer? if your wondering how i edc so many lights i will tell you The aleph 3 with 2x123 mclux cliped on my right pocket flashlight outside of pocket clip inside. The aleph 1 with be4 black body. inside left big cargo pocket on pants e1-bk with aleph 2 head in right big cargo...
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    Prayer request and PRAISE report thread>>>

    Re: Do you need prayer? but luckly everything can be replaced except me so i guess i faired very well. Except the arc4 if it had gotten damaged then i would have BEEN MAD. Heck if any of my lights that i have come attached to would have gotten messed up i would have been mad . Thanks for...
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    Prayer request and PRAISE report thread>>>

    Re: Do you need prayer? I need prayers just got in an accident tonight just me involved a dear came out i swerved missed the dear totaled the 1996 s-10 blazer that i had all modded out rims 3000 dollar sound system alarm system just got the front end swaped out to a 2000 s-10 extreme front end...
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    Pic of Aleph "Trim" 2 stage tailcap?

    Re: Pic of Aleph \"Trim\" 2 stage tailcap? the two slashes on each side works better than hose pliers i promise makes it easy just use ring pliers or your fingernail what could be easier than your fingernail
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    Firefly 2 CR2 body at the Shoppe?

    will someone please post a side by side pic of one firefly with cr123 pack on it and one with the cr2 pack i want to see if it is worth it to get one thanks.
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    Pic of Aleph "Trim" 2 stage tailcap?

    Re: Pic of Aleph \"Trim\" 2 stage tailcap? if you take a dremel and make two slashes at the rear it makes it very easy to remove i asked don to do this on the one he sent me and he did and i did it to the ones i got from the shop it works great just use ring pliers to get it out or neddle nose...
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    100mW - 200mW Handheld Lasers - Taking Orders

    Hey if anyone wants to buy one of these for me then sell it to me after christmas when i have some money please let me KNOW would like one over 150mw if there will be any.! I will guarantee after christmas i will have the money to buy one NO problem.
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    5-watt LE

    kinda off topic but how do you know when its time to change batteries on the db917 i noticed mine just looked dimmer ? then i changed the batts and bam bright again! on my A3 head is it like a madmax slowly diminishing >? or like a badboy run what it can for as long as it can then boom step down.
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    looking for LED replacement for SL-20XP lamp

    THis post has already been posted somewhere else in LED i think you might want to read the rules i think this is considered double posting ? don't know just my 2 cent wish i could answer your question though. sorry have know answer though.