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  1. jz6342

    What goes where?

    This is going to be fairly general as my stuff changes frequently: Right front: wallet, SAK, Fisher Space Pen, 3-4" folder clipped on the side Right rear: usually nothing Left rear: handkerchief, spare magazine (off duty) Left front: flashlight IWB 4 o'clock - Glock 26 or Kahr CM9 IWB 1 o'clock...
  2. jz6342

    Maglite Solitaire - Incandescent - Do you still use them?

    I've owned many over the years and, honestly, just never cared for them. They never put out enough light, the light they did put out was wildly random in pattern, and the bulb was crazy expensive when I broke it. I might try an LED model, but there are many more out there that have my attention...
  3. jz6342

    Show Us Your EDC Folder

  4. jz6342

    Flashlight for OLD person!

    The new Mini Maglites LEDs are great. Twist on, no diffusion or focusing, bright enough and a lanyard can be attached (I lose my with frightening regularity🙄).
  5. jz6342

    The ABTOMAT Police Flashlight Collection

    How have I missed this thread this long???!!!! The last seven pages have been a major trip down memory lane for me; my very first "police" flashlight was a 6 D cell Maglite bought when I was a LE Explorer back in 1979-80. I used that as a security officer and then LE Officer. I won a Magcharger...
  6. jz6342

    What light is this?

    Anyone else remember when TAD sold furniture and SAKs? Anyone?
  7. jz6342

    Don Kellers last hurrah- the Brinkmann Legend

    I bought a 2D and a 2AA (with the switch on the tail) back in the late 80's/early 90's. I really liked both but the rubber grips didn't last too long - less than a year as I recall.
  8. jz6342

    Did Santa leave a flashlight?

    None this year, but I did get an Olight Baton in November as a gift from a friend...🤔
  9. jz6342

    The vintage California cop light company thread

    I remember getting a MagCharger as a prize at the security company I worked for in the mid 80's - it was THE STUFF! I had it for many years until I passed it onto my oldest son and we mounted it in his truck (with a new bulb and battery pack). He's still using it:)
  10. jz6342

    Travel and camping lights of choice

    I use the Streamlight Protac 90 most outings
  11. jz6342

    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    I just recently added a Streamlight Microstream to my daily carry. Sometimes I just don't need a HUGE amount of light😉
  12. jz6342

    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    I'm so boring - same Rovyvon A1x
  13. jz6342

    Knives vs Flashlights

    My most used combo - Kershaw Westin and a Rovyvon A1x
  14. jz6342

    Knife Chatter. Show and Tell!

    Here's my latest - Boker Atlas Multi. Pretty handy little knife, even though I'm not a big fan of slip joints.
  15. jz6342

    One is none

    I rarely have less that three lights on or about my person. As a firefighter I found out really quick how dark the inside of a structure can get, even in the middle of the day. Also, I have a healthy respect for Mr. Murphy ;)
  16. jz6342

    MagLite vs The World - Round 1

    The 3C was (and still is) the easiest carrying "big" flashlight for me. The newest LED puts out a LOT of light and just feels right in my hand (to be fair, I carried one for many years as a police officer)
  17. jz6342

    What is the largest EDC you've ever carried?

    My first light as a Police Officer was a 4 D Maglite - not really bright by today's standards but got the job done back then. After that I carried a Mag Charger that I won in a contest at work. That light was brighter than anything in those days; of course i had to replace the bulb several times...
  18. jz6342

    Which AA LED lights currently owned are your favorites?

    While I love ,y Streamlight 1L/1AA, I never run it without CR123s if I can avoid it. I'm really liking the new Mini Maglite Pro - 332 lumens is really bright!
  19. jz6342

    Oldest LED lights you own

    I've got an old Coast "tactical" light kicking around somewhere. At the time I bought it (mid-late 2000s) it was bright and had the momentary tail switch I was looking for. It ran on 3 AAAs if I recall correctly.