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    Fenix TK20R V.2 or Nitecore P23i? Or something else? (EDC in holster on belt, for general use and potential self-defense)

    I would rule out the TK22R then: AFAIR the light has mode memory and no shortcut to turbo which, IMO, you'd definitely want for self-defense use. The P23i, on the other hand, is programmable and has a tactical mode which always goes on in turbo. Even if you accidentally pressed the mode switch...
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    Nitecore NL2150i 21700 5000mAh charger question

    My Nitecore i4000R has a NL2150HPi 21700 Battery with 5000 mAh. I have tried charging it in both a Fenix D2 and a D1 which are compatible with 21700 and it wouldn't charge. The chargers wouldn't even detect the battery was inserted. I checked on the Nitecore corp website and the US Nitecore...
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    Nitecore NL2150i 21700 5000mAh charger question

    I think I have one of those batteries in my Nitecore i4000R. Tomorrow I'll try charging it in my Fenix ARE-D1 or ARE-D2 charger and let you know if it works.
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    list your lights

    FENIX LD01 XP-G R4 LD01 XP-G R5 LD02 XP-E2 R3 LD10 XP-G R5 LD12 XP-G2 R5 LD20 XP-G R5 LD41 XM-L U2 PD30 XP-G R5 PD31 XP-G R5 PD31 XP-G2 R5 PD32 XPL-HI PD35 TAC XP-L V5 PD36 TAC SST70 TK09 XP-G2 R5 TK11 XP-G R5 TK12 XP-G R5 TK30 MC-E M HL05 N.A. HL10 LXZ2-5770 HL21 XP-E R4 HL23 XP-G2 R5 HL25...
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    Nitecore NL2150i 21700 5000mAh charger question

    Interesting question. I have read about people buying those batteries also getting a UMS2 charger to be able to charge them as those are proprietary batteries. Not sure if the charger you mention would also work. My guess is, probably yes. Nitecore...
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    18650 and 21700 cases?

    Yes, it's true those tabs fit pretty tight but haven't had any problems after years of using them. The only exception was an Eagtac 3400 18650 but it had a very thin wrap and it's been the only battery out of more than two dozens.
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    18650 and 21700 cases?

    Unfortunately, they don't anymore but I think it's still relatively easy to find some of their cases for sale online.
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    18650 and 21700 cases?

    I use Powerpax 18650 holders and put them either in a padded case (for travel) or a Sealine e-case (for hiking and mountain running) or locksak bags or equivalent (for multiday ultras). Unfortunately they don't make 21700 holders yet. I sent them a mail a couple of times asking if they planned...
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    [Review] Fenix PD36R Pro

    Couldn't agree more! It looks like a great light but it has no programmable UI, no shortcut to turbo, and no shortcut to the lowest mode - which by the way happens to be too bright to begin with. I'm definitely not parting with my money for a light with this UI.
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    SHOT SHOW 2023

    A few Shot Show videos on Nitecore and Fenix lights Nitecore Fenix
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Nitecore i4000. Shortcut to turbo 2 lumen ultralow Rotarting USB cover (not a cheap rubber one) Dual tail switch for one-hand operation ...and I nearly forgot: I got it for almost half the original RRP! The only thing that it is missing is a shortcut to ultralow (would have been really nice)...
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    Tailcap stuck on flashlight body

    I am unable to unscrew the tailcap of my Nitecore MT26. I keep this light in the car and probably didn't lube it regularly as other lights I use on a daily basis. The head comes off just fine and even smoothly. The tailcap, however, is stuck. Any suggestions on what I could do to unscrew it...
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    New Fenix Catalog 2023

    The only Fenix light offering something close to a moonlight mode was the PD31 XP-G which had a 2 lumen low. A true rarity in the Fenix offering. The PD31 XP-G2 had a 3 lumen low but it looks brighter than that to be honest. Other than that, all their lowest modes have been from 5 to 10 lumen...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Some people always think they are smarter than others and that they won't be caught... I really like the XT2CR Pro, I think Klarus really nailed it with that UI. I'm surprised almost no manufacturer came up with that UI. I hope Klarus will get rid of the rubber USB cover though. I know they...
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    Nitecore 21700 cold weather battery in my Fenix E35 V3. Questions…

    Fenix is not making or selling any cold weather battery at the moment It used to have a 2900 mAh 18650 for cold weather but they discontinued it. Nitecore makes both 18650 and 21700 supposedly designed for extreme low temps. Probably rewraps of existing low temps batteries such as Panasonic.
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    Is the 21700 format worth the move?

    Not for headlamps as the added weight exceeds the acceptable limit for my uses. For flashlights though, 21700 can offer more lumen with longer runtimes in a relatively compact package.
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    Fenix HM60R - bye bye Minimus

    Thanks, that's good to know! Happy New Year!
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    Fenix HM65R-T, Super Raptor 2? Anything better?

    Many people seem to like the HM60R. The UI is maybe a bit more complicated than on the HM65R SuperRaptor but not significantly.
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    Fenix HM60R - bye bye Minimus

    Thanks for the feedback. My first headlamp was a Petzl too, then switched to a Fenix Hl21, Fenix HL30, and finally to the Fenix HL55 for a 5 years. before eventually upgrading to the HM65R SuperRaptor 2. The HM60R looks like a nice headlamp. Does the HM60R have a shortcut to the lowest...
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    New Fenix Catalog 2023

    The PD36 Pro looks like a nice light but it has the same shortcomings as most Fenix lights of the past few years: no programmable UI, no shortcut to turbo, no shortcut to low, and no true low (1 to 5 lumens). Fenix lights' build quality is excellent but their UIs are old-fashioned at best. I...