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  1. mdocod

    Armytek XHP-50 Headlamp 1600 lumen

    Hey guys, I just received one of the new XHP50 Pro Warm Wizards as a warranty replacement for a V2 that developed a problem. (suddenly lost access to main mode group after a year of fairly heavy use). Like I did with my original V2, for curiosities sake, I did some electrical measurements so...
  2. mdocod

    Small ---- followed by a Cheer for Armytek

    The Bad news first (Jeer): One of our Wizard Pro V2 Warm's (XM-L2) bit the dust about 3 weeks ago on the second to last day of a working business trip. Access to main modes stopped working. Still had firefly modes and a flickering dim turbo mode. When it went bad I did some searching around on...
  3. mdocod

    Help get me started in solar charging

    Aspectsolar is just branding and packaging the same technology you can get from other brands on amazon for 1/3rd the price or less. Pass.
  4. mdocod

    Help get me started in solar charging

    You could use a CH1 with an 18650 in it as a buffer-bank for a NIMH charger ;) (assuming it supports simultaneous charging and USB output, not sure). If you only plan on 2 X CH1's, not 3, then I would advise a step smaller, something in the ~13W size, usually comes with a 2A USB output. Use...
  5. mdocod

    My newbie single aaa light selection flowchart

    Re: My newbie aaa light selection flowchart Flow chart for AAA flashlights: 1. Does it use an AAA battery? If Yes, do not buy. End Flowchart. --------- :devil:
  6. mdocod

    Help get me started in solar charging

    I wouldn't bother trying to boost from 5V to 12V. It would be better to buck from an 18V panel (common for laptops) to a 12V output, or just see if the D4 would support a 16-20V input without bucking. (sounds like AVservice is going to try that). The D4 is probably not going to be very...
  7. mdocod

    Help get me started in solar charging

    Is this intended as a portable solution? Car? Camper? on foot? at home? Where weight and size counts, you actually don't really want a middle-man battery bank. The idea would be to charge the devices you intend to use directly, OR, use the cells you intend to charge anyway, as your power bank...
  8. mdocod

    Armytek wizard Pro or Non pro

    Hi Wongus, If I understand correctly, you're disappointed that the floody headlamp, that everyone touts as being floody, that is advertised as having a 70 degree wide flood beam, is in fact, floody. Sounds like you ordered the wrong tool for the job, and are trying to re-assign blame.
  9. mdocod

    Do I really need NiMH Batteries?

    A toy will always out-run or out-shine a tool for a given price point. The Ultrafire product is a toy, designed for impressing the average consumer, who is oblivious to safety, reliability, and durability.
  10. mdocod

    Viking / Viking Pro. Tactical lights.

    Re: Viking Pro V3 stabilization question My Viking Pro V3 Warm does NOT have the behavior that you and hiuintahs have described. For the most part, mine runs continuously on max mode as long as the battery can sustain a certain voltage under load. I'm not sure where the transition to the...
  11. mdocod

    Solar charging solution. Thoughts?

    That's really exciting to hear that the 6.5W panel is pretty good. I'll keep it in mind if I ever need to order another panel.... ---------- Of all the USB "extension" cords I have here and tested, the following seems to be the best:
  12. mdocod

    Solar charging solution. Thoughts?

    That's awesome Kitrobaskin, I look forward to hearing more! I use a short decent quality USB extension cable to run from the panel to the Xtar. I found one with 24GA power wires in it that seems to work pretty good.
  13. mdocod

    Recommendation for a small but powerful EDC light

    You can find a small light weight and simple/rugged "5W" solar panels sold under the brand names "kingsolar" and "sunkingdom" on amazon... Here's a picture of the one I picked up recently: There actually seems to be a wave of "new" generation, inexpensive, USB charger panels available that...
  14. mdocod

    20,000 Lumens on E bay

    Amazon and ebay and lots of internet marketplaces are like the wild west when it comes with electronic gadgets. Experience and patience and research are required to prevent getting burned. There are some multi-emitter "can" size lights out there for relatively inexpensive (~$30-50) that run on...
  15. mdocod

    Not just a flashlight; "The Illumination System."

    Re: Not just a flashlight; "The Illumination System." I did a lot of testing of the Wizard V2's I have here. Both "samples" I own draw very similar power on all modes, not enough different to write home about, and both actually would have longer runtime than claimed in most modes...
  16. mdocod

    Watts? >40lm/W with IRC halogen bulbs. Also, XP-L (LED) is approaching 200lm/W.
  17. mdocod

    What does multiple Batteries Do?

    6/4 = 1.5X, or 50% more stored energy. The additional energy storage could be used for more output or more runtime, or less output with a lot more runtime, or less runtime with a lot more output. How the stored energy is used varies from device to device, even those with the same battery...
  18. mdocod

    Got a 5000mAH King Kong 26700 and it's at 1.9V!

    Re: Got a 5000mAH King Kong 5000mAH and it's at 1.9V! Or years, depending on where it started and the storage conditions. Something seems fishy.
  19. mdocod

    18650 Batteries - Anything Wrong with 5000 mAh?

    Good rule of thumb is not to buy batteries on ebay, and in many cases, even amazon can be sketchy. Certainly it is possible to get legitimate cells from those palces, but if you don't feel confident in the ability to discern whether you are being shipped the real thing or not, then its not a...