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    Surefire Hellfighter (picture intensive)

    A few years ago I saw a photo here at cpf, of a Hellfighter full of holes made by shots. Does anyone have this image?
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    Multi-meter Recommendation??

    Fluke 17B+ and a Sony VTC6
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    IMALENT DT70---a powerful flashlight up to 16000LM!

    How much its the current draw? Can I use protected 18650?
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    Lemax LX70 Superpowerhead Beamshot Comparison

    Thank you. Very nice beamshots.
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    Charger/USB Power bank? Nitecore F1?

    I make I review, in portuguese but the YT´s translator works fine to english:
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    A video about Surefire Custom P60/D26 (bulb & dropin) - Solarforce

    Hi folks, Its my video about Surefire P60/D26 and some more else. it's in Portuguese. The fact itself is that I did it for the public who knew nothing about that this in my country. I was able to share the little that I know about the subject. Thank you for all the content I found here at CPF...
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    Sold/Expired BNIB Surefire 6p,18650 bored 6p

    Payment sent for a Brand new Surefire 6p 18650 bored host Black Paypal ID:19Y219638W267XXXX
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    Sold/Expired BNIB Surefire 6p,18650 bored 6p

    I´ll take a Brand new Surefire 6p 18650 bored host Black PM Sent
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - WA1111 bulbs 6V/20W

    Re: WA1111 bulbs 6V/20W I´ll take
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    Barracuda. Search lights.

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    Olight PL-1 Valkyrie weapon light

    Totally agree! (2) :thumbsup:
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    G2X vs M60 Vs M61, no particular winner!

    Thanks for posting the beamshots, Dioni. (2)
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    18650 3100/3400/3500 Fitment Guide

    Re: 18650/3400 Fitment Guide Keeppower 3500 fit in Moddoolar TL65 Keeppower 3500 fit in Armytek Dobermman Keeppower 3500 don´t fit in Malkoff MD4
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    Sold/Expired Sold: Calipsoii A2 Ring x2 UV x1 Warm White $60

    Re: Calipsoii A2 Ring x2 UV x1 Warm White $60 Warm still avaiable?
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    Feedback/impressions on the PhD-M6 custom battery pack

    PhD-M6 Black Edition C2 3 X 16650 2500 mAh WA 1185 Works fine here. Turn on 5 minutes and the M6 its warm to hot. I don't measure the runtime now.
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    Dobermann. Tactical lights

    What I liked most in summary: - With the flashlight turned on, and after 15 minutes, it is possible to use, the temperature is still good; - It is more compact than the Predator and Viking, +/- 12mm longer than a Surefire 6P; - Finishing and coating still great; - Have a good hotspot, followed...
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    Dobermann. Tactical lights

    I make a Review of the Dobermann, in portuguese :rolleyes: I really like this flashlight.
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    Rechargeable option for Surefire LX2 Lumamax

    The L2X and E-series bodies its Ok. The 16650 with 2000mAh (I had 12 of them, and sold everything), have a diameter greater than the version 2500 :shrug:. I use the KeepPower 16650 2500 in my G2 too (Black, Desert Tan, Od Green - with Malkoff´s Dropin). I dont know why, but the all G2 Nitrolon...