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    Lumintop PK27 1xAAA or 2xAAA pocket thrower!

    Excellent review in my opinion, thank you for your time and the runtime graphs.
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    Need a Non-Conductive Work Light

    For panel and control wiring inspections and troubleshooting I like to use the Underwater Kinetics brand. The manufacturer produces many intrinsically safe and Div 2 lights. One of my favorites is the UK 2AA ELED Z2. It usually fits in the arm pocket of many flame resistant coveralls and...
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    What's your favorite UI design on flashlights?

    My favorite user interface is the infinitely variable, rotary control found on the Surefire Titan, and also many Jetbeam, Nitecore, Sunwayman designs.
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    It's odd how the gremlins work. I've got a small sample of Jetbeam lights, all have been very dependable. I also have two examples of a extremely highly touted and heavily promoted US manufacturer, that are woefully overpriced and trouble prone, in my limited use. Everyone's reality and...
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    Early Morning Light

    Ham-handed, it's a Skilhunt CL-D1 . Works great for my uses. Stays on my shirts button placard all day, don't notice it's there until needed. Grip seems as good as a ZL in my use.
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    Early Morning Light

    I'm generally up around 5 in the morning and rarely need to keep from turning house lights on. These are the night stand lights I use for low level light when the rare occasion arises. Photon Freedom , Jetbeam Tcr-01 and a Thrunite TH-20.
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    Current "Best" RCR123 Batteries?

    Fenix E16 is my always with me light. I've been using Vapcell 16340.
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    Which AA LED lights currently owned are your favorites?

    Not my carry, but a Thrunite TH20 with a SST-20 & pocket clip has been heavily used this year.
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    Recommend me a Red LED flashlight for stargazing

    The high red mode of that Fenix is equally disrupting to acclimated night vision as a white light of any reasonable color temperature :) It's fun to see what folks bring to a star party .
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    Recommend me a Red LED flashlight for stargazing

    In the club I belong to it's a eclectic mix of red emitting lights. Rigel Systems Starlite Mini , Photon Proton Pro , Photon Freedom, Fenix Tk25 and a few from Jetbeam and Fenix with red filters and a few we don't know who made them :)
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    Do you remember your first?

    My first truly great light was a Tekna Lite 1. Single AA and used a 112 bulb, IIRC. It was replaced years later by the larger and more powerful 2AA Mini-Mag and then that by SF 3P.
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    My thoughts on the moonlight mode

    I really like moonlight and low lows, I just don't need them 95% of the time. But when I do, there is thankfully a veritable smorgasbord of options. I'm grateful for all of the user interfaces and battery options that exist. There is something for so many wants and needs.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    Yes, fortunately the design has a mechanical lockout and a electronic lockout. It's been a little over 3 years of carry with no hot pockets yet. The UI is second nature to me now. Really happy with this tiny light, it replaced a SF E1E that I carried for years.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I still prefer CR123 lights. A good compromise between power and runtime without taking up too much valuable pocket space. I have much larger , more powerful lights. However this E16 is with me most of the time.
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    Omicron-where things stand lately

    COVID has never closed our southern border. That's a decent start. Illegal immigrants and many fed employees are exempt from the inoculation. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.
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    Omicron-where things stand lately USSC halts the overreach.
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    The official PKDL thread

    Looks like there isn't any available sources to purchase any of the PK line.