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  1. Echo63

    Automotive Looking for a replacement for a sealed beam headlamp

    I went with these you suggested. I will get some photos of them on the car this weekend, I will be taking the car to a meet with a bunch of other similar "classic" subarus. heres a "just getting started" and a "installed and...
  2. Echo63

    Automotive Looking for a replacement for a sealed beam headlamp

    Ok, after having the immobiliser changed, building a relay harness and doing some electrical fault finding, the LED sealed beams are in and WOW what a difference. I know humans dont see the difference between lights all that well, but the difference between the stock wiring/sealed beams and a...
  3. Echo63

    Automotive Looking for a replacement for a sealed beam headlamp

    So, I got a pair of these lamps (turns out the truck shop just down the street from work sells them) but ran into a few problems. 1. the Subaru is negative switched, the polarity on the plug is backwards to normal and the LEDs dont work. 2. I built a relay harness, but it seems to be "sticking"...
  4. Echo63

    Automotive Looking for a replacement for a sealed beam headlamp

    yes, the photo is of my car. I wasnt intending to buy one so soon, hoping to start looking next year, but this one came up for a good price, and already had most of the work I intended to do done already (EJ22 engine swap, Air conditioning, came with a 5spd gearbox in the tray) It is in pretty...
  5. Echo63

    Automotive Looking for a replacement for a sealed beam headlamp

    Hi All, Hoping the collective knowledge here can point me in the right direction. I recently purchased a 1987 Subaru Brumby (aussie spec BRAT) that takes a single 5x7” sealed beam headlamp on each side. the headlamps that are fitted are pretty average (used to driving a 2009 forester with...
  6. Echo63

    Automotive Strange Situation and Questions

    black "gaffa tape" (nashua 357 or the permacel equivalent) will likely work if needed. the blue painters tape may cause you to have issues with the "blue lights on non emergency vehicles" part of the law.
  7. Echo63

    Current *pencil-beam* throw king?

    about $400 for a new bulb. there is nothing quite like reaching out with a laser tight white beam and touching stuff a mile away... theres a gallery of mine here - the tower in pic 3 is around 1200m away (3/4 of a mile)
  8. Echo63

    Malkoff for duty use

    Back when I was doing security work (12+ years ago) I always had three lights, a 6P and stingerXT on my belt all the time, and a magcharger wedged between the seats that I would grab if I remembered. basically the old "pair and a spare" to ensure I had light when I needed it. If I was still...
  9. Echo63

    Connector Type??

    They are made by "TE Connectivity" Its been a long time since I was looking for connectors, but I think BVH's part numbers are correct.
  10. Echo63

    maxabeam mbs 450

    from memory thats pretty good - I seem to recall my Gen2's numbers climbing out to about 15m (I then measured at 100+ metres - for 7.2million CP)
  11. Echo63

    HDS and Novatac related?

    there is a long history in those lights. from what I understand it goes like this... Peter Gransee and Henry started by collaborating on the Arc4+ a 30 lumen multimode flashlight. They parted ways and Henry started HDS - releasing a couple of different models. Henry started to work with...
  12. Echo63

    Maxa Beam question??

    If you have only done it once, then thats the battery that came with my Gen2 when I bought it off you... you sent me the bits to build a charging lead too. the Gen3 has a stock pack
  13. Echo63

    Maxa Beam question??

    If you want "budget" a 7ah 12v SLA fits in the box. one of mine was modded with an SLA before I bought it - the other has the stock NiCad cells.
  14. Echo63

    Maxa Beam question??

    Thanks Matt, its a pre-2001 G2 then. it is missing the breather on the RHS
  15. Echo63

    Won a megaray on ebay!

    Is there an ITAR issue ? I know some surefire models and IR filters for other lights are restricted
  16. Echo63

    Maxa Beam question??

    It looks like it never had a sticker, and has the teflon button on the lens. reflector anodise has a greenish tint to it. with parkerVH adapters and Ushio UXL-75XE bulb it was measured at 7.2Mcp. My G3-12 still has the factory bulb and should be a 7.5Mcp model, single power input only (i wish...
  17. Echo63

    Maxa Beam question??

    one of mine doesn't have a serial label... does that mean its a really early G1 ? or just a weird hybrid G2 ?
  18. Echo63

    Automotive 2019 Subaru Forester Ordered

    The world is flat ! Love my Subies, the wife and I currently have #2 and #3 ('09 Forester and '10 Legacy)
  19. Echo63

    Long Range IR spotlights

    a Maxabeam and IR filter should be able to do that easily, but its rather pricey. Im sure there is a more wallet friendly option available, just dont know what it is.
  20. Echo63

    Maxabeam questions/advice

    theres nothing on earth like one they are expensive, but really well made, and the customer service is second to none.... they aren't super practical for most uses, but if you need to reach wayyyyyyyyyy out there, they are the only real option, besides the megaray heres my gen3 reaching out...