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    Bulb with more output for Hella Rallye 4000?

    35? I thought they had a 5W city light, and 100w H1 lamp for all applications (euro, pencil, cornering and fog) versions of the 4000 (which also comes in an HID version, but diff housing i think)
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    My New Watch

    Oh yes, pretty indeed! I like the bracelet too.
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    RelyOn 250 Lumen Spotlignt/Flood Flashlight

    Why don't manufacturers sell the thing directly? Say, like SF, where you can buy from them and also from their dealers.
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    SF warranty on mods?

    Fair enough; just curious as to what would happen. In any case I've contacted my local (60 miles away! but flagship store) SF dealer to inquire about how much it would cost and if they have the parts on-hand.
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    SF warranty on mods?

    Would SF make good on their "if it breaks we fix it" policy if the light was modded as long as the damage was not mod related? I've got a KL1 mod that's been in use for over a year now, and recently acquired a crack in the lens. Hopefully they'll change it, given both the LED and collimator that...
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    Win2k/3 remost installation service question

    If any of you have prior experience or firsthand knowledge with using Win2k/3 Server's remote installation service, please chime in. As far as I've been able to read, I can deploy an image across a network, manage it, etc. Here's what I want to do, and what we're running, lemme know if it would...
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    Sony Vaio V505EX

    have you tried the sony support site? not sure if they do, but lots of other manfs. have step by step illustrated guides to changing or accessing various subassemblies.
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    Titanium a marketing gimmick?

    energizer titanium squared or something?
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    Downloading Online Photos ?

    AOL? I know they use a unique format.
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    What are you listening to? Volume 3

    Afro Celts Sound System, Release 2; DJ Shadow, Preemptive Strike.
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    One last camera question about lenses..

    also i would suggest buying a higher end slightly used lens to a brand new lower end model. that's what i've done, from where the prices good, the condition of used goods often much better than they rate.
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    One last camera question about lenses..

    is there a reason you are sticking to Canon lenses only? Surely, in that range, there are options from Sigma/Tamron that might meet (or beat) whatever requirements you have. if you need range, the 55-200 is the way to go, instead of having overlapping range. find a local store, or chain like...
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    Who Do You Buy Internet Plane Tickets From?

    Been using orbitz for a few years now, works well for travel within ConUS. International, I go to the various airline websites that serve my destination (also good way to find out which airlines *won't* fly to a particular place). Also for international
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    Yellow for fog lights, i finally believe (color)

    there are very few truly good "fog" lamps in cars, most are just aux. lamps pointed forwards. ditto "drive" lamps. looks like you haven't experienced decent examples of either.
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    Left lane hogs - BEWARE!!!!!!!

    what survivors? a trainwreck at that speed will vaporize everyone, left lane hogs or not! j/k.
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    Left lane hogs - BEWARE!!!!!!!

    "Under Calif. law, a vehicle in the left most lane doen't have to yield to the right if that vehicle is doing the speed limit: ... " What about the signs posted on the center divider all over California freeways, that read "Slower Traffic Keep Right" ?
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    Saw this strange LED light displayed at a movie

    Re: Saw this strange LED light displayed at a movi yea i saw that too!
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    Sylvania Silverstar Halogen Truck Bulbs- Very Nice

    Re: Sylvania Silverstar Halogen Truck Bulbs- Very perhaps one of the reasons for the wide range of lifes in using Syl SS is how much volts the lamps are actually seeing (voltage drops here and there, etc). since life is exponentially related to voltage, even a small reduction from spec would...
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    Sylvania Silverstar Halogen Truck Bulbs- Very Nice

    Re: Sylvania Silverstar Halogen Truck Bulbs- Very 9011/9012, not found easily, not a good idea unless you have very well aimed and well cut-off beam pattern, budd. i think addition 700 or so lumens each on low beam, about the same on high beam, life similar to OEM fitment (vs the short Syl. SSs)
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    What are you listening to - Volume 2

    Level 42, Simply Red, and a very cool indy band called Phoenix & the Turtle. Instrumental for the most part, just heard them two days ago, now I can't get enough of their music.