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  1. amaretto

    [Review] - Weltool W3 "The Featherless Arrow" White Laser Flashlight - by Lock

    Re: [Review] - Weltool W3 "The Featherless Arrow" White Laser Flashlight - by Lock Regarding that there are only 2 output levels (low, high) + Strobe, you surely meant "Strobe" instead of "Turbo"? Thanks for your review.
  2. amaretto

    Acebeam EC65 review (21700, 4x XHP35 HI, cool white)

    Best of all reviews, maukka :thumbsup: Comparison of the Nichia-version with clear and diffused optics Some more informations
  3. amaretto

    EagTac DX3B Mini Pro

    I am wondering about your decision to send it back. Do you feel it so strongly important to program the startup mode again and again? I think it is intended to program it once and leave it at the desired level. I can understand that you are not happy because you needed many attempts. I needed...
  4. amaretto

    EagTac DX3B Mini Pro

    There is a review in TLF with runtimegraphs. The DX3B Mini Pro is current excellent regulated. Spot is very cool but spill between cw and nw. Great light, you will be satisfied.
  5. amaretto

    XHP70.2 4000 Lumen tactical LED Flashlight ACEBEAM L30-NEW Product Announcement

    see my full review (in german language) of a preproduction (?) model of the L30 that came without cardboard box. Output of the L30 is well regulated, very flat in second highest mode (2000 lm).
  6. amaretto

    Acebeam X65 is Releasing

    @Bela16 Thank you for the runtime graphs. Interesting, i guess your graphs are without any cooling? With cooling there is no stepdown in turbo-max mode:
  7. amaretto

    Acebeam X65 is Releasing

    I did some measurements: lux/cd (distance 5 m, converted to 1 m) • Acebeam K60 --- 152.500 • Acebeam K70 --- 520.000 • Acebeam X65 --- 587.500 • Olight X7 --- 30.000 • Meteor M43 XP-G2 nw --- 32.500 ceiling bounce (*manufacturer ratings) • Acebeam K60 --- 210 Lux (*5.000 lm) • Acebeam K70 ---...
  8. amaretto

    Taschenlampen Large Beamshot Collection!

    Look in the list if you find your light and then click on one of the links at the top of the first page. The lights are in alphabetic order. You only have to look in one page to find your light. If you have an idea to show a thousand beamshots in a better or easier way without working for weeks...
  9. amaretto

    Thrunite TN42

    There will be two versions of the light, one with battery pack and the other (i tested) with battery carrier. Shorter unprotected cells fit as well as longer protected cells. Because of the (only) 2.2 amps on turbo high current cells are not neccessary.
  10. amaretto

    Thrunite TN42

    Of course the K70 has a brighter spill because it has more lumens than TN42. K70 = 2600 lm TN42 = 2000 lm But i measured 507.500 cd (K70) against 682.500 cd (TN42) The TN42 only draws 2.2 A from the batteries.
  11. amaretto

    Thrunite TN42

    We got a TN42 for reviews and passaround in another forum, perhaps you are interested in runtimes on turbo: minutes beamshotcomparison to Acebeam K70, distance is 650 meters.
  12. amaretto

    Review with Video: Thrunite TN40 Throw King, 1151meters, 4450Lumens and Fun Facts

    This weekend i had the chance to take measurements in a self made integrated sphere of another flashoholic: Acebeam K60 (only for comparison): 5.100 lumens ThruNite TN40: 5.400 lumens
  13. amaretto

    Review with Video: Thrunite TN40 Throw King, 1151meters, 4450Lumens and Fun Facts

    Here is another beamshot comparison Thrunite TN40 - Nitecore TM16GT - Acebeam K60 - Acebeam K70, runtimes, lux measurements ect (in german language):
  14. amaretto

    Review with Video: Thrunite TN40 Throw King, 1151meters, 4450Lumens and Fun Facts

    Battery tube of TN36 is 4s (10.5 - 17.5 volts), TN40 is 2s/2p (5 - 9 volts). So if you won't kill your TN40 at least you shouldn't use the TN36 battery tube. This is why the TN40 flickers while switching off when he tested the wrong battery. But perhaps he can look what's inside the battery...
  15. amaretto

    Olight PL-1 Valkyrie weapon light - Review

    Hey guys! Neal from Banggood provided me a Olight PL-1 Valkyrie weapon light for testing. Thank you Neal! Olight claimes the PL-1 with 400 lumens max., it is powered by 1* CR123A...
  16. amaretto

    Acebeam H10, 2.000 lms, MT-G2 - Review

    + absolutely perfect regulation on high + beautiful tint + flood with smooth beam + good built quality + protected high drain battery (LG HE2 2500mAh) included + bright - gets hot on turbo in seconds, can't hold it longer than 45 seconds - "firefly" with 30 lms much too bright Full review...
  17. amaretto

    Thrunite Lynx nw + cw, last chance to order?

    There will be a last batch of Lynx in neutral and cool white:
  18. amaretto

    New Zebralight SC5

    who needs 14500? :)
  19. amaretto

    Zebralight SC5 and SC5w First Impressions

    Exactly, i kept it on turbo by turning it off-and-on every 3 minutes. No rests. The SC5 is built like a tank, it is heavier than SC62 with 18650. Heat is no problem. The reason why the runtime is only a quarter of an hour is because of the limited capacity of the eneloops. On turbo i measured...
  20. amaretto

    Zebralight SC5 and SC5w First Impressions

    SC5w / SC62w / Thrunite Neutron 2A nw comparison (powered by 1 eneloop), both lights on highest level -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- Output with Eneloop XX and the white...