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    What Happened to Zebralight R&D?

    I've been disappointed with Zebralight over the past year, but OTOH it's been good for my wallet. Now that they've stopped selling outside the US, I'm happy they're still not releasing any new lights. I have pretty-much every model I want, with the exception of the SC700d (which I really don't...
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    18650 - can't get voltage reading

    I wouldn't want a light (or battery) that resulted in that extreme of a parasitic drain.
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    Question on lifespan of Li-ion batteries

    Some phones can be especially hard on their batteries, to inflate their run-time claims. For example, they might charge to 4.3v (and do it fast). That gives another 10% in run-time, but only for the first few months you have your phone. After that, the hard charging starts eating away at the...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I've tested it with all kinds of batteries, from low drain to high drain. The battery doesn't seem to make any difference. It's the driver, it doesn't like the cold on H1. Note, the problem doesn't happen all the time, and once the light is warmed up (just takes a couple of seconds on H2), it...
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Yup. I've brought up this problem, before. In my case, it affects all my zebras using the XHP35 HI emitter. It turns off from H1, in cold weather. That's what you get when you try to use a light in cold weather, that was designed and tested in Texas summer. Lots of others have complained about...
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    How to dispose of old CR123 batteries?

    Personally, I'd just toss 'em. They do contain lithium metal, though I'm not sure it's still active if they're dead. Perhaps it's already oxidized, which means it won't burn? You could take them to your local hazardous waste depot, and they can toss 'em.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Yeah, even though Zebralight doesn't publish any drop specs, I think it's reasonable to expect that both the light and the battery will survive a 1 meter drop onto a hard surface. These are not inexpensive lights! Personally, I have dropped some of my AA zebras, and they have survived fine. I'm...
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    [Review] TURBOGLOW LUMINTOP FW3G, the ultimate flashlight in the FW series?

    Yeah, too expensive for a FW3 light. Also, I'm not sure the plastic case (for the GITD) is a good idea in a pocket-rocket light like the FW3. Not enough cooling. But, it sure looks nice. I'd be tempted, at about half the price.
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    Soshine 1.5V Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. Anyone has exoerience with them?

    Interesting. But those Soshine batteries have very little capacity and power, compared to NiMH. You'd have to really need the higher voltage, to make them useful. IIRC, the lithium-ion 1.5v AA versions, with the 4.2v cell + buck driver in them, seem a bit closer in capacity to NiMH.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    I have used a couple of cardboard rings used for 18650 battery re-wraps. I stick them on the positive ends of the cells. It works well. However, I no longer do it, since it can make recharging them a bit finicky on some chargers. Also, I agree this really shouldn't be necessary. Best thing to...
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    how did are ancesters get buy with candles

    Sure, when I was young, I used to ride my bike around at night without a light. But, it was a suburb that had lights around, so it wasn't really that dark. Plus, young eyes are much better at seeing in the dark than old eyes. That said, a truly dark area (well away from any cities and towns) on...
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    18650 with high self discharge?

    Yeah, at that rate of discharge, you might actually be able to feel the cell is slightly warm to the touch. At least for the first day after charging. (Self-discharge probably slows down as the voltage gets lower.) There's probably a short through the separator inside the cell. Get rid of it.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    If you live in Brazil, why are you happy?
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    how did are ancesters get buy with candles

    A decent candle flame is a few lumens. With a few candles spread around a room, that's more than enough light. Also, people didn't live in 3000 square foot houses back then, so they were much easier to light. One of the problems with candles is fire, obviously. However, one of the problems with...
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    USB charging ports, and the covers that protect them

    Do you not have a separate charger? Do you not like to check your cells with a DMM to make sure they're safe and charging properly? Yeah, there may be some uses for built-in charging, such as when you're on vacation and that tiny Xtar MC1 charger is still too big to carry. But, in general, if...
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    Best performance cell 18650 available for my light?

    Wow, that's some heavy use, especially with a 4A charge. But 15A discharge is pretty common on high performance lights like an Emisar. Only 50 cycles, though. The 30Q is rated for 250 cycles to 60% capacity, whereas the VTC6 is rated at 500 cycles to 60%. It's surprising the 30Q holds up...
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    USB charging ports, and the covers that protect them

    For flashaholics, a USB port is probably not needed, and just adds to the size and weight of the light, as well as not being designed for frequent use (I've had them break). For non-flashaholics, I can absolutely see their benefit. They want something as easy to charge as a smart phone. And, no...
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    4680 cell lights

    Well, some lights, like the BLF GT, take eight 18650 cells. A couple of 4680 cells would actually make some sense in that kind of large light.
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    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    I'd love to see the D4 with a boost/buck driver design, rather than a linear driver + FET. It would be so much more efficient, at all levels. When using a freshly charged cell, I can feel the heat being burned off by the linear driver, wasting about 25% of the power. It gets better as the...
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    prometheous/QUARK QK16L bad cell?!

    Wow, that was a pretty scathing original post & email, for what amounted to user-error. I think you're on Prometheous's spam list, now. ;)