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    It works but your implementation may be better over the long haul idk. End result is a bonus!☺
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    Anyway to protect my flashlight from drop damage or minimize it at least.

    Little Gorilla glue an a cut section of an old ten speed tire wrapped around head. Them tires are thin and may just be the ticket for a neat finish. I'd wrap it so tread ran around light, could do a strip around both ends. Idk if that helps. ☺
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    S1 Baton COPPER

    Love it. My choice might be, uncoated and with stainless chrome bezel. I figure costing will wear off and leave parts shiny and others patina making it look off, jmtc.
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    The wrist light, the watch flashlight. Perhaps the ultimate EDC light?

    Bulky watch light on my wrist and winter jackets would drive me up wall. I'd as well be getting caught up on things. That's just me and my views on them though. Maybe you'll find something so I'm watching for the light☺ Interesting read MV, thanks.
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    Are the Petzl lights very good?

    I am still pretty happy with my BD Storm. Variable output on, beam, flood or red lighting. That's variable up or down, I like you don't have to go full power to lower, it's how other lights should be. It's held up even being abused.
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    We are looking for S1 Baton Reviewers!

    Great pictures! +1 Regardless of this thread, nice light.
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    That's a nice trick. I used a O ring when I did mine. +1
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    Olight S30

    Nice deal! Good idea for gifts at that price.
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    Sooo I bought a few extra Fenix D01 keychain lights and gave one to my brother ....

    Well at least it tail stands and I've never heard a soul say they don't like the tint of its light. Not that I've been looking for that myself, but around here I've never read that☺ If I see a friend of mine doing that with his phone, using it as a light, I'll call him a couple times ☺
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    Nitecore USA Introduction

    Re: Nitecore USA Manufacturer Introduction Thank you for clarification. I somehow got mixed up. As well thank you for offering to assist if needed.
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    Test/Review of Keeppower IMR18650 3500mAh (Black) 2015

    I've searched via Google image search and I can't find anything to corroborate that the implied notion suggested above of or that lmr designation is bunk. Help us out a bit more please. Why not purport truth if it's just a sturdier LCR? Just great, Cellgate.
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    Cold weather failures

    Prepped, loved your post. Yes with wind chills, either keep blinking or develop ice contact lenses. I won't even mention going pee, most don't believe. El Nino is looking to give us a fair winter this year, last three have been record breakers for temps or snow totals. We had only major north...
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    Nitecore USA Introduction

    Re: Nitecore USA Manufacturer Introduction Hmm, glad to have you aboard. So from title I thought you are Nitecore, but I get impression you are a dealer idk? If you are Nitecore, then would it be wrong to think you'll handle all north american warranty work on behalf of factory or do I have...
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    *NEW* Nitecore EA11 900lm 14500/AA

    Hi Tvi. Welcome to the forums. As you may have noticed your post was edited as we are family oriented forums. About your light, sounds like a bad one, may have to return for warranty. I wouldn't call it a day after one light an one issue. It happens. Give your retailer a email an get it in the...
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    Sooo I bought a few extra Fenix D01 keychain lights and gave one to my brother ....

    In total agreement with your assessment good sir. +1
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    Looking for a light with an incredibly far throw

    I'll +1 the M3XS-UT. I carry in my Jean jacket when I figure I'll need it, its not offensively large. But will make your retina try an squeeze into another dimension if you look into its light while on.
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    Sooo I bought a few extra Fenix D01 keychain lights and gave one to my brother ....

    Another angle on smart phone an using as lighting, its usually needed at the end of the work day when the phone is wearing down from the day's usage, now you need light too out of what's left of its battery. It may be enough, it may not. Also hard to grip with your teeth an use light at same...
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    New To The World Of CandlePower And Just Thought A Flashlight Was A Flashlight..

    I'd say the above posters have covered your question very well. Though I just want to say too, Welcome to the forums☺ Side note, I'm a Olight fan, even older M models are a great light. I've cooked a couple dedoming some of mine an I am very anxious to get them working again, love my M series...
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    Do you always carry a flashlight or only at night?

    Great thread still going huh. I still EDC several lights, though I've noticed lately something maybe others can relate to. Being a member of this site usually means, you have lights everywhere besides what you EDC, right?☺ Well, now and then I'll need a light for something and reach for one...
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    *NEW* Olight M3X-UT Javelot

    Re: *NEW* Olight M3XS-UT Javelot Still has that wow factor. Love my Javelot for a two cell light smaller then some old Maglite, it shocks noobs. I like lighting up stuff in daylight with it for laugh.