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    Prometheans Sign Up Thread

    Hello enigma1, I will inquire about added You to the list Hi nbp, Good point. I will suggest that be changed :). There have been many/several giveaways based on social media and not here :(
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    Alpha problem / battery sensitive??

    Dented cells anodes should work fine, as long as they long enough to make contact. You can get a magnetic battery spacer(4mm X 1-1.5mm round) for the cells that are not long enough. GL
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

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    The 4Sevens and Foursevens Picture and Random Question Thread?

    Shhhhh, I have a secret You desire . . . Send an email to them requesting your desired build! They will reply with your options 🤝
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    Alpha problem / battery sensitive??

    Thank You for your input 🤝 . The new ICARUS driver in your Ready Made is capable of drawing 3.1Amps of power. Many 18650 cells in circulation for sale are not rated for the 3.1A of discharge on Maximum burst mode. The driver can function flawlessly with your older EDC cells on all levels <80%...
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    Replacement Preon P1 (Original 2009 model) push button tailcap.

    I do not know the source, but The legacy Preon switches were press fit into the tailcap. There were modder's who could make a new outer switch cap that made accidental activation and tail standing a thing of history. I would pursue any tail cap switch. You can take the old switch out of your...
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    Prometheans Sign Up Thread

    Welcome to Prometheans 🤝 List Up to Date
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    Yes, that seems perfectly normal. Prometheus's new MKIII design specs accommodate user comfort.
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    Hey Gang, Well I actually have good news, how about that! We received the shipment of replacement pills last week, have inspected them, and are getting started on reworking 1100 lights. That's 200-250 hours of labor on our end and we plan to start shipping next week. I've spent the week making...
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    6V "Lantern" Battery Lights - History? Anything good?

    Wiki lists the lantern spring battery capacities are between 14-26 Ah. They do list 908AC/C and 908CD/D in the NEDA numbers with seven different Manufacturer designations. I run a 4 D cell converter using the new rechargeable Lion 1.5V cells. I'll get some pics together.
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    Anybody try Quark QK2A MKIII on a single AA body?

    0.9-3V for the QK2A head. Works well with a single AA tube, with less maximum output. NiMh cells are preferred and well. I also have used the QK16L head with the AA tube and a 14500 cell.
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    The 519A has 5% higher CRI with about the same output as the 4K 319A.
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    I see, an optical side by side beam comparison, not just tint. There are no Mini samples available yet, I'll gladly try that as soon as possible.
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    New Mini MKIII's for 2021

    Here's a Prometheus Delta video I took that might help
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    Help with troubleshooting Delta

    Did You get it fixed? The Delta's ICARUS driver requires a HD 5C 18350 cell delivering 3.4A on maximum setting to function properly as designed. Will the light stay on in Low or Medium, or does it flicker? Have You tried to verify the switch is fully tightened into the tailcap? All that is...
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    Alpha + Delta Serial Number Registry

    List Up to Date @archer6817j replied: Regarding the questions: We have nearly 1/2" of solid aluminum behind the LED to get the heat out. The most thermal mass of any light that I'm aware of. The length of the tube has two functions. 1) it makes it physically possible to solder the wires onto...