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  1. Blindasabat

    New Product Announcement - Nitecore Tip/Tip CRi 2017 Upgrade w/ Removable Clip

    Doesn't look like they changed the body, so it should fit the 2016. I see it is available by itself on the Nitecore website.
  2. Blindasabat

    Common Dimensions reference thread

    So I can attach a U2 body to a C body to make a what, a 5xCR123?
  3. Blindasabat

    Common Dimensions reference thread

    Just tried it. The original A2 and U2 BODIES thread together! Weird but true since the U2 body is internally threaded.
  4. Blindasabat

    Common Dimensions reference thread

    I will have to see if my U2 head will thread on my A2 body.
  5. Blindasabat

    Common Dimensions reference thread

    The E is 13/16-20. I was not clear, I meant that I meshed the threads only to see if the pitch was the same (using the known 20tpi of the E as a thread gauge), which it appears to be. But I measured the diameter of the original A2 body threads at the head end at 7/8. So 7/8-20.
  6. Blindasabat

    Common Dimensions reference thread

    I matched an E body to an A2 body threads. I am 90% sure the original A2 is 7/8ths-20.
  7. Blindasabat

    Common Dimensions reference thread

    E and original A2 are not the same. Some later A are the same. The original A2 is likely 7/8 inch diameter thread since I measure mine JUST under 7/8 inch across thread tips. I don't have a pitch gauge, but the threads are likely 20 tpi like the E series.
  8. Blindasabat

    Kershaw Chive

    I have both the steel handled Chive and nylon handled Scallion. I actually wish the Chive had a plastic handle version. I like the plastic Scallion very much, wish I had a smaller version - a Chive plastic. I also have the steel Amplitude, which I wish had plastic handles, and the plastic...
  9. Blindasabat

    Kershaw Scallion blade lock nightmare

    Just got a Scallion today. The lock is tight enough that it does not move until I want to it to. Overall, I like it a lot so far. Looks great (except the wide clip), good size, and easy to use. Could use a narrower, less heavy looking clip. I got the FRN handle and am glad I did. I have a...
  10. Blindasabat

    Modifications for old Surefire KL3

    M4a1usr, Mine is second gen. I sure didn't feel lucky at the time. Felt like I was going to break the strap wrenches or my arm. Took a lot of tricks to get enough grip between the straps and the light head. I think I used soft silicon rubber pads for grip. I destroyed some other rubber before I...
  11. Blindasabat

    Dimensions of P60/D26 drop in

    This was a sticky at some point. The old threads should be findable. I posted P60 drop in dimensions myself years ago.
  12. Blindasabat

    Modifications for old Surefire KL3

    Also, I broke open one of mine by boiling it and then using strap wrenches. It took a few tries. Let it sit in hot water a looong time.
  13. Blindasabat

    Modifications for old Surefire KL3

    I measure 550mA on both of mine. I have XP-E in one and an XP-G in the other with stock drivers. Should have upped them to 800mA and 1.2A drivers. Both are neutral tint of course.
  14. Blindasabat

    Giveaway Thread (general info)

    I'll take the Convoy L4. You had me at "neutral." Thanks doc.
  15. Blindasabat

    Bicycle fenix bt20 bike light review and pictures

    Is the tint truly neutral as Fenix claims? It does not appear to be in your beam shots.
  16. Blindasabat

    New SureFire products for 2014

    That is why XP-Es are still my favorite LED in small lights I use outdoors where you need at least some throw. I even have one in a SureFire KL3. 10,000 lux from a 550mA light.
  17. Blindasabat

    New SureFire products for 2014

    That would be a good host for all the single level P60's out there. They could all be instant U2's.
  18. Blindasabat

    New SureFire products for 2014

    I had my U2 modified with a neutral tint XP-G and it is one of my favorite lights for just about any use. It is my go-to light for night hikes or any trips away from the campsite at night, like trips to the out-house if in a campground. I actually pieced together a U2A (SSC) head and a Lux5...
  19. Blindasabat

    Bike Light: EagleTac D25LC2 CLICKY XM-L vs Sunwayman C20C XM-L

    +1,000,000 I have slowed buying lights tremendously because few come with neutral LEDs, and I have modded almost all of mine to neutral. Waaaay more useful tint outdoors. BTW, I have ridden full speed MTB races with a SureFire KX head modded to Neutral XR-E ...yes, XR-E... driven by a 1Amp...