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  1. tvodrd

    CPF, a decade after!

    Happy Birthday CPF! :party: Larry
  2. tvodrd

    5C collets

    I have a full set of Lyndex 5C's I bought ~5 yrs ago. (1/16-1 1/8 x 1/64ths) They were made in Japan and I have yet to have a problem with one. Just my $.02. Larry
  3. tvodrd

    SHOT Show 2010 Logistics, CPF at SHOT

    Late to post due to computer is still in Costa mesa. Vegas is ~310 miles south of Hawthorne on US 95. Didn't think I needed a steenkin map. Was running on fumes when I finally found a station somewhere in Death Valley! :green: Heard my name called at the show- Was Greta with KC. Fortunately I...
  4. tvodrd

    VSS-3 at 1.75 miles

    Hi Dad, I have 4 of the suckers, but only 2 control boxes. :( I've yet to light one for my new local friends. I'm hoping I can light the high school's "H" on Mt Grant here in Hawthorne, NV. hehehe. Nice beamshots! Larry
  5. tvodrd

    2010 Shot Show Thread!

    Add me to the party! Got my badge in the mail yesterday. :twothumbs Larry
  6. tvodrd

    1kW Xenon Arc Tank Light

    Negative, and don't plan to. I've got the connectors for the small remote if you'd like them. (freebie) They're in Hawthorne but so will I be again in a week. 18ga wire should be fine for the cable. I think you're the first person who has a good use for the small remote! Larry
  7. tvodrd

    1kW Xenon Arc Tank Light

    Thanks, George. I'm in the middle of moving to Hawthorne, NV and my shop there still needs to be wired. I'm a few months out from making my 2nd cable, so if you run across a ring, I'll be happy to buy it! Larry
  8. tvodrd

    1kW Xenon Arc Tank Light

    N L, all of my connectors fit very snugly, as they should given the pin count. Cutting your ring off should work fine. and being inside the vehicle, it shouldn't see any mechanical stresses. I would have liked your ring as I have one more cable to make. Re-threading that 18tpi v-thread to a...
  9. tvodrd

    1kW Xenon Arc Tank Light

    N L, your cable is likely USGI and connected the light to the tank's turret. The rest of us bought connectors and made our cables. The connector on the searchlight has the non-standard thread, and I re-threaded several Amphenol rings to sorta fit. If you elect to cut the end off and re-solder...
  10. tvodrd

    1kW Xenon Arc Tank Light

    There are simpler alternatives: And welcome to CPF! Larry
  11. tvodrd

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Hi Greenhopper, You just made my mouth water, but I don't have a coffee maker at either end. :( . I have a feces-load of freq flyer miles expiring end of the year and might spend a few days checking out C.R. EM is t**o**[email protected] :D (Had to sift through over a hundred spams when I returned...
  12. tvodrd

    2010 Shot Show Thread!

    I'll be there. Funny thing is my new home to be in Hawthorne, NV is farther from Vegas than Costa Mesa. Larry
  13. tvodrd

    ssr replacement for 20A relay?

    Hi Brock, You might take a look at cat# 8670K8 at McMaster Type the cat# in the search field. It's 3PST-N.O. and rated 35A @ 240VAC. Control voltage is 115-240VAC. Larry
  14. tvodrd

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    I've been busy! Just returned from another 425 mile Hawthorne, NV moving trip. My 5 tanklights went this trip, and I am in the middle of building the "mother" of all workbenches! I scored three 16 foot lengths of 2" thick rock maple bowling alley lane which I ripped to size. I'll have 28' down...
  15. tvodrd

    Heavy Ordnance

    ~20 years ago I bought a new .50 BMG aircraft barrel from Sarco or Numrich. The first foot or so is stellite-lined and the rest was hard chromed. I machined a breach block from E4340 to screw onto it with male threads to its rear for a 1917 Enfield receiver. (Much modified firing pin.) I...
  16. tvodrd

    Heavy Ordnance

    Interesting thread. I built a .50 BMG single shot rifle, and have a piece of 20mm barrel and a few hundred furnace-popped inert slugs. I'll build somthin once I finish my move to Hawthorne, NV. :D Hawthorne has an ordnance museum and is more or less surrounded by what was the largest ammo dump...
  17. tvodrd

    Local idiot just went down

    Local paper today. Larry
  18. tvodrd

    comp mouse is nuts

    Kind of trivial, but make sure trash around your station isn't pressing a key on your keyboard! (Has pooched me several times!) Larry
  19. tvodrd

    an/vss1 problem

    The port man was there. I didn't have a DMM along and don't know what voltage caused the VSS-3A to start stobing! When I got home, I recharged both deep-cycles, and everything was fine. Remember, these things are intended to run on 28V with the tank's engine running. I seem to recall several...
  20. tvodrd

    Interesting Video Finds Part 2

    Seven minutes of exploding acetylene tanks. Larry