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  1. The Burgh

    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    Shootingly Yours, Friend!
  2. The Burgh

    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    A greatest light made greatester by the Vinhster!
  3. The Burgh

    【GIVEAWAY】LUMINTOP Torpedo 007 New Light GAW!

    Tell me your opinion about Torpedo 007, like or Dislike ? Like it very much. The flame engraved ban is a winner. How do you love Stainless Steel Flashlight? Love the little extra heft, make sit feel right in the hand. Why you don’t choose a Stainless Steel Flashlight? I do have a SS torch...
  4. The Burgh

    Klaruslight KLARUS Mi7 COLOURFUL Giveaway!

    Mi7, I love the Mil-Spec Olive Drab most.
  5. The Burgh

    Gearbest giveaway 30.09 - 01.10 (KlarusXT11GT & Manker U11)

    Love to see Gearbest do a GAW here! Thanks! ON THE ROAD M3 is always with me.
  6. The Burgh

    Manker light customer service

    These are indeed encouraging reports about Manker's customer service. I own 3 of their torches: Two Quinlan U11s (one cool tint, the other neutral) and an Astrolux S41 (quad). Happy with the lights but was a bit concerned with their published attitudes (on another light forum) about MAP...
  7. The Burgh

    Astrolux S41S (Stainless Steel version Coming Soon!)

    Hey Folks, check this thread for a great price:*NICHIA-219B-4*CREE-XP-G2-A6-1600LM-Mini-Quad-LED-Flashlight/page2 Just sayin'!
  8. The Burgh

    Olight S2A, R50, S1R - Photos, impressions

    Nice run through of the lights and excellent photography! Thanks!
  9. The Burgh

    Words to Live By.

    The older I get, the smarter I used to be!
  10. The Burgh

    {{ Stuff that just works }}

    "New-Skin" is the product name. Basically it is sterile superglue containing antiseptic. Use on cuts, scrapes, punctures, infected nails, burns, etc.. Actually seals the wound, a new skin, allowing the wound to heal from the inside out to the surface. Found in the pharmacy with bandages and...
  11. The Burgh

    {{ Stuff that just works }}

    On the superglue front, I've had decades of success with "New-Skin." Contains an antiseptic. Make sure bleading has stopped. Work it into the wound and let it dry thoroughly. Different tool: Two thumbs way up for Gilmour Flexogen water hoses. No kinking, ever. Outstanding warranty. Tough...
  12. The Burgh

    Acebeam EC50 Gen II & EC60 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight Global Testing Campaign

    Re: Acebeam EC50 Gen II & EC60 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight Global Testing Campaign Waiting to learn the differences between Gen I and Gen II EC50.
  13. The Burgh

    The Lounge 2016

    Re: The Lounge What's with this: Acebeam announces EC50 Generation II! ​Cradle to grave in a few months for Gen I?
  14. The Burgh

    Mountain Electronics & Customized Light Orders?

    I know Richard fairly well. I make no excuses for any of his delays. But I do ask that everyone, just for those moments when he lapses in communications, acknowledge the roles he plays every single day: Practicing attorney. Dedicated husband. Active Father of two youngsters. Manager of...
  15. The Burgh

    XTAR Product Survey Giveaway – EDC Flashlight!

    Thoughtful survey! Completed.
  16. The Burgh

    Market Promotion PartII

    T16R Lucky Draw Thank you!
  17. The Burgh

    HCRI XHP70 K4 5700K 90CRI

    Long, long way from having torch expertise, but... Seems to me the efficiency with high CRI lights is the "efficiency" in seeing color rendition, borders, shapes/shadows and dimensions better than non-high CRI. The sacrifice (as there always is in physics) is "brightness." Many efficiencies...
  18. The Burgh

    Video Review: Astrolux S41 Quad Emitter 18350 flashlight

    Love all of your reviews, especially your "desperate attempts to be funny." BTW, good-natured poke at Surefire owners was great.
  19. The Burgh

    Gearbest giveaway and big promo! (13-17)

    3. Convoy L6 3800LM Cree XHP70 N4 LED Flashlight
  20. The Burgh

    Manker E14 (4*Cree XP-G2/ Nichia 219B) is releasing

    BATTERIES????? Just bought one of these E14s + 18650 tube and want to be prepared. Button tops? Flat tops? Does flashlight have LVP (Low Voltage Protection)? Not? [Novice question. Thanks for help..]