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  1. usdiver

    Bezels for HDS and triple flashlight

    Re: Custom flashlight and bezels for HDS What do you have left in the HDS lineup?
  2. usdiver

    WTB: Polarion Night Reaper

    Since I posted this I did manage to acquire a mil spec pf40 with mount and all accessories plus another ph40 with an extra pf40 body. Still looking for a Reaper Some may ask why I need them? I will be using for search and rescue applications in the future so why not have top gear???
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    If it’s a rotary you want there are also 2 builds as far as programming. Tactical and Rotary. I have both tactical and rotary lights as the tactical was best for work and rotary was best for general everything else
  4. usdiver

    WTB: Polarion Night Reaper

    It’s ok if one doesn’t pop up I guess it’s not meant to be. I have a pf40 and an abyss dual s plus a Surefire Dominator (the newer one)
  5. usdiver

    M61T is my EDC

    I have a m61t drop in but still looking for a host body plus I don’t know what I need to make it dual output
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    SureFire UDR Dominator - Review, Photos and discussion

    Any other news on the possible fires caused by these? Mine has been sitting in a safe deposit box along with my other valuables since I came back to England last year (Feb 2020). I forgot to take the battery out of the light
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    WTB: Polarion Night Reaper

    Not supported? In what way? That XE Vision I haven’t heard of
  8. usdiver

    WTB: Polarion Night Reaper

    Looking for a reasonably priced Night Reaper to go with my PF40 and Dual Abyss.
  9. usdiver

    Bicycle Knock off bike lights

    For the money you are much better off getting a genuine product. Any of your counterfeits are subject to safety and reliability issues. It is also the counterfeit products that usually blow up when being charged. Not saying this one will do that but why chance it?
  10. usdiver

    Sold/Expired WTS: First Light T Max LE 700 Lumens

    This light has never been used nor carried. I m looking to get a T Max nv. Nice tint, life saver For law enforcement or emergency services $250 shipped!
  11. usdiver

    First 18650 light.

    +2 although I m not concerned about the unprotected batteries, I actually prefer them as they actually use more stable chemistry and protection is not needed. I strongly point out however that I ALWAYS get my batteries from authorized dealers and do not touch counterfeits. This goes for any kind...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Oveready BOSS. Frosted Titanium 70

    Thanks guys. BOSS is sold
  13. usdiver

    Sold/Expired WTS: Oveready BOSS. Frosted Titanium 70

    Ok who’s up for a weekend special price drop? $425 shipped USA or EU. I’ll hold this here till midnight Sunday/Mon GMT (London time) ... after that it goes back up... unless someone buys it! Can’t beat this price for an excellent like new BOSS 70! 🙂
  14. usdiver

    Sold/Expired WTS: Oveready BOSS. Frosted Titanium 70

    Thanks K2. Something has come up I m wanting to get which I will use more. I simply have too many lights at the moment. The Dominator is still standing guard as well 🙂
  15. usdiver

    Sold/Expired WTS: Oveready BOSS. Frosted Titanium 70

    Excellent condition, more photos I can do if needed. The frosted is a limited and fairly rare finish. Asking $500 shipped EU or USA. DROP TO $425 WEEKEND SPECIAL XPL-HI and red secondary. Very nice tint and extremely bright! Note: please pm with email for photos as it is not letting me post.
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    HDS HDS UV light... On SALE October 23rd.

    I’ve seen where uv is available again
  17. usdiver

    17670 - anyone still sell me?

    You can. I have a couple I m not using but will be awhile before I can do anything with em. They are not in the same geographical location
  18. usdiver

    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    I’ve had a couple that were very bad and though not a “click” as such .... the grit, workings while turning the dial, or whatever you want to call it “could” be heard. They got sold at a loss. Nbp... once you get used to smooth perfection anything less becomes unacceptable. In saying that ...