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    Fenix E12 runtime : Is this possible/normal?

    I'm not surprised because Fenix have always had amazing efficiency drivers. For eg., the E01 puts out 8-12 lumens for 20+ hours so 3x that for AA sounds about right.
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    A good well rounded edc light that won't break the bank

    I've been carrying and abusing a JetBeam Jet-1 Mk for the past year and am quite happy with it. Twisty, AA/14500 Li-ion capable with low-med-turbo and memory and a nice pocket clip. Purrfect. The only con is the head fits the tube a little looser than I'm used to (Fenix twisties). Less than...
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    Give me an excuse to use my flashlights

    Geocaching at night. :)
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    Fenix HL16

    Another long-time fan/user of the HL-21 here. Just pitching in to say I recently broke the battery compartment cap on mine (I'm pretty hard on my torches and this is the first fenix to break on me). Superglued it back together (it's not metal) and it seems solid, almost as good as new again...
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    What are the farthest throwing EDC flashlights?

    I was in need of exactly this kind of a light last year and sadly, being on the budget end of finances, I went for an Eagle Eye X6R XP-L HI neutral white. I don't have numbers, but throw is just a little less than a Convoy C8 XP-L HI cool white, while still being pocket friendly; though the...
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    Lights for disaster victims

    9 Lumens for 10 USD? I'd immediately compare it to the Fenix E01 (bless its little soul) for about the same price, running 10+ hours on one AAA and can be taken anywhere unobtrusively and in a pocket or around the neck.
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    Review with Video: Why Not Cheapos, EBAY Cheapo "CREE" Lights

    Was I the only one who thought, "damn, these $3-6 lights are taking waaay more abuse than I'd have imagined they did"? I mean, I own a lot of quality lights, but cheapos (sk68s, hugsbys, Convoys, et al) all have their place in a flashoholic's collection. I don't get angry when friends buy...