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    Ultra low brightness led/driver for nightstand 3d printed glasses tray?

    I'm designing a nightstand glasses tray, because its hard to find glasses when they blend in to the dresser. 'course having a 3d printer and a flashlight obsession, I decided to print it in white so the glasses will stand out, and then took it a step further and want to design in some super...
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    Backstage Pelican Case Worklight

    I'm building a little box of tricks in a Pelican 1535 for my work as a sound engineer. The idea is to carry some of the 'little items someone else forgot' in order to keep things running smoothly. The shows I do vary quite a bit in setting, but suffice it to say I occasionally need to access...
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    How do you keep your kitchen knife sharp?

    I had a professional chef recommend a diamond knife hone in place of a steel, "for when you have no time to sharpen, and no time for a dull blade either." Can confirm it works wonders, a few strokes and its ready (unless the blade really needs a stone). Likely wears out the blade quicker but I...
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    Manker CrownVN - World's First Electrochromic Flashlight

    THAT is cool! This is exactly what I'd want, downscaled into the most pocket-rocket 1x18650 thrower. Simple two-button ramp UI without any bells and whistles, tap to turn on/off at memory level, hold to turn on at minimum and ramp up, hold to ramp low to high, tap-press to ramp high to low...
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    User interfaces killed by feature creep?

    I'm not normally a curmudgeon when it comes to features and complex menu driven interfaces. My favorite light of all time is the Liteflux LF2XT - plenty o menu options, possibly beyond what's absolutely necessary and definitely limited by the available micro-controllers of the day, in fact some...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I know they're not looked on with as much favor around here due to the magnificently complicated anduril UI but I just picked up a Noctigon KR4 in black but with a copper head and SS bezel. I went with SST 4000k but I'm already pretty certain I should've gone with different LED's. I looked...
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    Snowblower retrofit!

    Actually I remembered I have a bicycle mount for one of my 18 650 lights, that will be my first setup for sure. Click and play :-)
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    Snowblower retrofit!

    That's a really clever idea, I have at least a half-dozen spare 12 volt power supplies floating around so I may be able to rig up something like that. It just never occurred to me that an AC input is an AC input it they don't care too much about voltage as long as it's a switching supply, and...
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    Snowblower retrofit!

    Special application seems to fit. Sorry if this is out of place. Also yes i'd thought of strapping a powerful floody light to it, that would definitely do the trick hehe!
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    Snowblower retrofit!

    Greetings all! With snow season upon us in the northern U.S. once again I'm making good on my vow to get a bigger snowblower. One of the primary complaints about the brand I chose is the headlight is utterly useless. I joined a snow blower forum and see several mods involving installing...
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    Recommendations for Good Quality Good Value Single AAA Keychain Flashlights?

    *fingers And that's what I get for using a phone...
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    Recommendations for Good Quality Good Value Single AAA Keychain Flashlights?

    The AL model I have is very smooth, easy to operate with one hand if you can get your dinners around a tiny light :-)
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    Recommendations for Good Quality Good Value Single AAA Keychain Flashlights?

    I've got an LF2XT and would carry it all the time except i'd be afraid of losing it. Personally the Thrunite lights are awesome, love the logarithmic mode spacing, low is quite low, medium is nice and high is plenty high for a pocket light. I agree to skip the titanium model the threads are...
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    Zebralight SC600w mk2 skinth size

    Quick question, I have a Skinth M shield. According to the specs the Zebralight SC600 mk2 will be a very close fit. wondering if anyone has tried it. Thanks!
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    Does your partner have any interest in your flashlight collection,or none at all

    My wife definitely doesn't "get it" and hardly ever uses the Preon 1 Clicky (lego) I put together for her, but then when she does, it gets the job done. Funny, she's always asking "can I use your light" ... I tried :-P.
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    You are hungry, it's dark, and you want a snack, which light do you grab?

    All midnight navigation is accomplished with the trusty old Liteflux LF2XT. Its become my at-home light because I'm too afraid of breaking or losing it to take it out lol. My wife has finally gotten into the habit of using her preon 1 lego for night/early morning navigation because our little...
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    18350 IMR lights !

    Just built a Solarforce L2m + homebrew p60 module from mountain electronics. One thing I can say, if you can manage to load down an 18350 cell to where its worth having an IMR 18350, heat is going to be a problem in this size light :-D.
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    XPL-Hi actual max current (burst)

    Thanks for the quick, straightforward answer!
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    XPL-Hi actual max current (burst)

    Hey all, really quick question, Looked around a bit and can't seem to find the thread from Vinh about really hot p60 modules. I'm building a custom P60 module for 'holy crap' factor, will 4.5a insta-flash an xpl-hi? Thanks!