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  1. experimentjon


    Guys...I was so close to having a stainless rotary at a good price! Too bad the scammer had only 4 friends on Venmo, and payments in the last 2 hours for "North Central Kansas Teens for Christ", "Molly", "Half of Firewood", "Refund <3" (as a charge and not a payment)... TBH, the red flags and...
  2. experimentjon

    Prometheus Alpha Titanium (PRICE DROP)

    PayPal sent. Look forward to trying this one!
  3. experimentjon

    Fenix LD30 and TK11 TAC - $70

    I'd like to buy the E1D please. Edit: Payment sent :)
  4. experimentjon

    What’s your all time favorite flashlight?

    All time has to be Mcgizmo Haiku with an AA pak. From the original 3S then upgraded to a Guppy3drv engine, it has kept up with the times over the last ~10 years or so. And somehow the styling is still as modern as day one. The HDS rotary is a close second...but I've only recently been able to...
  5. experimentjon

    whats features mean the most to you in flashlights?

    1. Design / Aesthetics - at this point, most single cell EDC lights have hit parity in objective performance characteristics, so most of the pleasure in collecting / using really comes from having lights that are just "cool". 2. UI - After many years, straying from HDS to go to simple 2 mode...
  6. experimentjon

    My edc light has a max output of only 300 lumens

    There was probably a period of 10 years when I was so happy with the ~100 lumens or so from a McGizmo Haiku AA High CRI and a HDS Clicky. And in that time, I thought that the 200 lumens that came out of my Surefire E2D was extravagant (extra bright because of the TIR). Then I finally got an...
  7. experimentjon

    HDS HDS SYSTEMS:mounting holes yes/no?

    This light is the one I would have loved to have bought from Turbodog. I was able to buy a 123 version of this light from him and it is by far my favorite HDS of all time BECAUSE OF THE CLIP. This bezel down configuration with the tapped holes (that take regular 4-40 screws) and this long...
  8. experimentjon

    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    This looks awesome! Finally discovered this light in my quest for the perfect 14500 light and joined the FB group. Now time to patiently wait for books to reopen one day in the future!
  9. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired 11 lights FS: muyshondt, HDS, fenix...

    I'd love to buy #10 if it's still available (#11 was my first choice but I see that's now gone to someone with faster fingers!) Currently on slow plane Wifi, but I'll send you a message! 10. HDS rotary 250 lumens cool white 123 tube aftermarket screw holes (yes it's possible, material is there...
  10. experimentjon

    The Haiku: why I personally feel the 3S lights have surpassed the PD lights

    My first "nice" flashlight was a Nitecore D10 with PD. Everyone on CPF said how great it was. It never worked that well for me...maybe I had weak thumbs, maybe I used the wrong lube on the piston, maybe I needed more than 2 modes in my life. But once I found the 4Sevens Quark and the...
  11. experimentjon

    Sapphire + Peak Eiger - it works!

    As the current owner of the middle head that Joe posted above, I can attest to the fact that it works well and is plenty bright for a small package. What is now tempting is a QTC version...that would truly turn the Sapphire from a jewelry piece (which underperforms your phone flashlight) to...
  12. experimentjon

    post something you always wanted as a kid but never got

    I'm now 30+ and coming into this thread, was so sure that I could name so many things that I wanted as a kid that my parents never got me. I remember hearing "no" so many times when we'd be in the toy store or when I wanted the latest clothes brand that the other kids at school might have...
  13. experimentjon

    Most carried light, only 1.

    Over the years, a McGizmo Haiku AA. Originally run with a 119V and an Eneloop AA cell. I adored this light for years. Then, for a while, iPhone flashlights were all I needed until I tried the triples like the Overready Boss. Nowadays, the Haiku AA is back with a Nichia 219C engine with...
  14. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired Muyshondt/Vinh mule

    Nice blast from the past! May I ask what the custom driver UI is for this? Still twist for 3 increasing levels of power? And I assume that there's no way to put the reflector back on this and make it a reflector light?
  15. experimentjon

    What was your SECOND McGizmo?

    I was curious to see if my memory served me right, and indeed it did. First: 123pak Haiku - 3S XML Second: AApak Haiku - 3S AA 119v Those were the good innocent days when 123 primaries were expensive, I had a bunch of Eneloops from Costco, and 80ish lumens of high CRI light were all I ever...
  16. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired An Epic McGizmo Sale - Haiku(s), Mule, Makai, and custom Aleph/McGizmo light engines

    As the happy owner of now three of Joe's McGizmo compatible light engines, I can say that they're awesome. Guppy3Drv is way easier to reprogram than a HIVE light (or the H17F too) and definitely a massive step up from the classic 3S engines. Plus, who doesn't love high CRI Nichia in natural...
  17. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired *Sold* Mcgizmo lights!

    Re: Mcgizmo lights! I'll take the Sundrop head + 1xAA pack please. PM inbound.
  18. experimentjon

    Zombie Apocalypse Flashlight - Four Color LED Tactical Strobe Maglite Flashlight.

    Just wanted to say that this is the most disorienting strobe I have ever seen. I've never found regular strobes (like the kind built into 4Sevens lights or any other makers') to be rather pointless for purposes of disorientation...but I would just close my eyes and go into the fetal position if...
  19. experimentjon

    Trial by fire: Haiku from the ashes

    I remember reading this many years ago when I first got interested in flashlights. Still a great read indeed.
  20. experimentjon

    What Are The Top 3(+) Representative McGizmo Designs?

    1. Haiku 2. Mule 3. Sapphire Runner up: Sundrop XR-U