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  1. Mr Baz

    Wuben LT35 "Zoom" torch Review

    Problem is all the light isn't passing through particularly at the zoomed in setting the spot effect is not nearly as powerful as a dedicated torch. Aspheric lenses are usually used to correct aberrations, still present as shown in the video though not as bad as some. I'd be surprised if the...
  2. Mr Baz

    Wuben LT35 "Zoom" torch Review

    Certainly better than some of the cheap nasty ones, the non polished reflector is pulling the output down
  3. Mr Baz

    Long Throw Distance

    I have a Klarus G35 coming in for review (not arrived yet so can't give an opinion), rated to 1000 metres range. On paper it looks pretty nice seems to meet your requirement. For most there are less powerful more compact torches capable of hitting a good range (300-400 metres) depends what you...
  4. Mr Baz

    Zanflare F2 video review

    I'd be surprised if it can handle it 2 x 3.7V is likely to cause problems
  5. Mr Baz

    Olight S1A ?

    Yup I had a normal S1A to review and a copper the copper was longer. The move was to accommodate protected 14500 cells they were a bit tight on the shorter one. I assume all the S1A's in production now have the extra length. Not a big deal if you use AA's but I find the move a sensible one just...
  6. Mr Baz

    Imalent DM21T review

    Not as good as I had hoped I think the idea is great, but it needs more work to refine some areas
  7. Mr Baz

    [Review] NITECORE Concept 1 (XHP35 HD, 1x 18650 / 2x (R) CR123)

    Useful information Can't say I warm to the design much interesting to try new things but only if they work well just not liking the styling of this one clip would drive me nuts
  8. Mr Baz

    Olight PL2 (PL-2) Valkyrie Weapon Light: Hands-on and erm get one for nothing!

    Sadly where I am guns are illegal so it's more a hands on look at the light The good news is that's to your advantage because I'm giving one away (so it can get real use) I'll ship worldwide so feel free to enter. I get sent quite a few items so it's time to share :thumbsup:
  9. Mr Baz

    Zanflare F2 video review

    A few niggles lack of moonlight and strobe is thrown into the main power settings. Build is nice though and the 3 level battery level indicator is something I like
  10. Mr Baz

    REVIEW - Zanflare F1

    I quite like the F1 it deserves more attention for the price level. I'd prefer a momentary on function, but the niggles are minor really. I got just under 1.0amp charging speeds it's above average in that area
  11. Mr Baz

    Rofis TR15 (AA/14500) Review

    Would have liked a moonlight mode includes, other areas I quite like this model
  12. Mr Baz

    Miboxer new charger release C2 4000

    Send one over and I'll review it on my channel
  13. Mr Baz

    New Nitecore Superb Charger - SC4

    I'll probably buy one to review on my channel, looking as the specs it would appear to be closer to a D4 replacement in terms of functionality. Could be a while before it's available to buy, let's hope they've sorted out their termination issues and heat problems. The last batch of chargers new...
  14. Mr Baz

    Review: Olight H2R NW and CW

    The fact is you can't short it out via the contacts because I submersed it in water and nothing bad happens, you can put a wire right across it and again nothing happens. A paper clip on the top terminals directly on the battery a slight spark then nothing, no protection circuit bad things would...
  15. Mr Baz

    Olight H2R A quick unboxing and preview

    Thanks I missed a few things always do though I think I covered most bases.
  16. Mr Baz

    AngryFox Playfox K1 LED Keychain Light: Review

    Might have gone with a lower low mode and would prefer a bit more grip on the body. However it's a nice model partly down to the small size and 3 power levels
  17. Mr Baz

    Hard to go wrong for $4 and shipped free - Wosawe LED IPX-6 Waterproof Headlight

    Looks a lot like the "Seal Torch 2000" (sigh) :fail: These torches are ten a penny usable but not really much fun once you get hold of something better
  18. Mr Baz

    The New Olight H1R Nova headlamp

    With most chargers the custom batteries work fine, you just have to watch you don't use one with raised contact points that might meet both contacts (not found one yet that does). The flat custom ones are a no no ie the 26650 for chargers, even they are protected so it won't blow up just kicks...
  19. Mr Baz

    ThorFire VG-15S Review

    Hi Carl it's one of the smallest 18650 lights I've used. To date I'd say it's the best light I have tried from Thorfire and decent value too like it quite a lot. Some of the others are OK if they can keep working on a few areas and update some models worth keeping an eye on.
  20. Mr Baz

    Wuben E346 LED Torch: Review & Test

    Not seen any yet but I keep looking! On the micro USB with the supplied cable you can put the tip into the torch without removing the head. Some cables have shorter tips so you might have to take it off so fair point for some cables.